Update on our Girl!

I mentioned the other day we sent a care package to Kylie at her orphanage in China.  I hope to have pictures of the care package soon, but part of it included a letter that we had translated.  In the letter, I asked a few questions in hopes of getting some more information on our sweetie.  I knew it would probably take a couple weeks to get a response.  I sent the package details on Saturday night and imagine my surprise when on Tuesday morning, I had a response!  So here's what we know...

Weight: 6kg or 13.2lbs
Height: 60cm or 23.62 inches

Her international pediatrician states she appears to be growing on target for a baby of her age with cleft lip and palate!  We are so thankful to God she is healthy.  We also asked the following:

Has surgery been planned for her cleft lip and if so, do you know when?
Yes,your child can receive the surgery when her weight reach 8kg.

Is she sitting up by herself? Does she crawl yet?
She can sit up by herself with some help,she can not crawl by herself .

Has she ever been ill?
Yes,sometimes she gets cold or diarrhea but she recovers well very soon after get some medical care .

We have many pretty things for her when we come to China. If you can, would you allow her hair to grow out?
Yes,we can.
The above report makes us very happy.  Sounds like a normal baby to me.  We are thrilled!  I really can't wait to hold her in my arms.  We are supposed to get another update when we receive LOA but that's gonna be a couple months from now at least.  I am just so thankful that we got this update so quickly.  I'm hoping if they schedule her surgery before then, they contact me.


Kristie said...

I'm so so happy for you guys, try this website for some cheap and fast updated pictures of her. We have used them several times and they are get and CHEAP compared to the other places that get updates

Bunnie said...


We have a little girl in Xinjiang province that we are hoping to go meet and bring home in January also. Our agency has told us we can send a CD, 4x6 photo album, drawings from siblings, etc. things that will fit in a flat envelope. Can I ask who you used to send your care package? I would love to send a blanket I got for her. BTW, love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Bunnie said...

Sandra, Who did you use to send your care package?