Looking for a Daycare

Since we now know who Kylie is and an approximate travel time (January/February), I am going to have to start thinking about where to put her when I return to work.  It's been nearly 11 years since I've had to research daycares and wow!  Was I in for a surprise! 

It would be great financially for her to go somewhere in the town where we live.  But the problem is we both work (or will work) in Nashville, Jenna goes to school in Nashville and our pediatrician (and Kylie's cleft team) will all be in Nashville.  So, it makes the most sense for her to go to a daycare in Nashville.  But holy cow!  Daycares are EXPENSIVE!  One of the ones I checked is the same price as our house payment!  YIKES!

Not to mention, there is a plethora of Mother's Day Out programs which are 9:00-2:30, but that doesn't help us.  Several good ones (that come highly recommended) don't start taking children until 20-24 months old and again, NOT HELPFUL. The next few weeks I'm really going to have to start doing some research.  Our preference would be for a Christian daycare but that just might not be possible.

Some days I'm not sure we are ready for this!

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Christy said...

Praying the perfect place opens up that the Lord has planned for Kylie. He's had everything under control so far, and keeps showing up in amazing ways!