The Downside to Employment

(Disclaimer: This is a tongue in cheek post.  We are extremely grateful for this job opportunity God has provided Steve).

For the past 2 years, Steve's been unemployed and we have been praying for a job.  I've always said that despite the financial stress being a one-income family caused, I did love Steve being at home.  Now that he's back to work, the downsides have become increasingly clear.  So, since I'm running low on interesting blog topics, I'm going to list them here...

The Downside to Employment:

*He can't clean my house, do the laundry or run my errands which means I have to use my lunch break to do errands like banking and clean the house in the evenings when I get home (yes, I've been spoiled).
*I pack 3 lunches a day instead of two (I'm doing this at night to save time).
*I wake up earlier because Steve's alarm is going off before mine.
*By 9:30pm, Steve is ready for bed and I'm just getting my second wind.
*I can't call or text him everytime something crosses my mind that he needs to know (which REALLY means I have to remember everything or write it down).
*Jenna has to go to aftercare every day.

You don't realize just how much he did at home until he's not there to do it anymore!!!

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