Last Chance...

This is the last time I'll be offering our adoption t-shirts...I have 63 shirts left.  That's less than 1/2 of what I ordered, so if I could move about 30 more, I'd be happy.  I am now out of smalls and 2XLs.  I have one 3XL left and quite a few L and XL.  I have fewer mediums, but I do have some.

I have had a few people ask me about my Paypal and yes, it does still work.  If you click on the box right over there... ------->>  If you order through Paypal, you will pay $20 for the shirt and 1/2 the shipping.  If you prefer to pay by check or cash, I will accept that as well, just email me at sandysignr AT charter DOT net. 

We are now 2 weeks away from leaving, so whatever I don't move in the next week, they will most likely be donated while I'm gone (one of the items on Steve's honey-do list!!)
So, if you haven't gotten one...it's now or never.  Now, let's do this.  Only 63 to move...you NEED one of these shirts!  When you wear it, you can say your contribution helped bring an orphan to her family.  Who wouldn't want to be able to say that??



Some of our travel is booked already.  We had our travel call today with the agency so most of that is done.  Since many of you have asked about the details, I am going to share what I know.

We are departing Nashville on Wednesday, March 14 at 7:40am.  Yes, I know.  It's early.  We are flying United to Chicago where we'll have a layover of several hours until our flight leaves for Beijing at 1pm.  Then, for the next 13 hours and 40 minutes, I'll be closing the gap between me and Kylie.

We will land in Beijing Thursday afternoon about 4pm Beijing time, which is about 4am Thursday here in the states.  The plan is to get checked into our hotel in Beijing and then grab some dinner and rest.  The next morning, we can sleep in, get a leisurely breakfast and head out.  We will tour Beijing Friday afternoon and Saturday.  Sunday afternoon we will take a plane to Nanjing in Jiangsu, Kylie's province.  We'll hang out on Sunday and the Monday is GOTCHA DAY! 

I won't bore you with details, but Monday , March 19, they'll place Kylie in my arms!  We'll stay the rest of the week in Jiangsu and will hopefully get to visit the orphanage where she has spent the first year of her life.  Then we'll fly to Guangzhou late that week where the adoption will be finalized on the US side of things.

I'm very glad to see the travel arrangements starting to come together.  We still have a few details to work out, but as of tomorrow, it's just two more weeks until departure!

We are coming baby girl!!!


God Shows Up

Many of you know our struggles with Steve being unemployed for the last...well...forever, it seems.  And most of you know my story that I was called (very clearly, in fact) to go on a mission journey to South Africa shortly after Steve lost his job.  You can read about that amazing story here and here.  Then, before leaving for South Africa, God called us to adopt.  I know it was a God calling because before, Steve had absolutely no interest in adding to our family.

In the years (yes, 2 1/2 and counting) in which Steve has been out of a job, we have been asked by God to do many BIG things.  Many things that cost A LOT of money.  But today, I'm here to talk about how God has shown up in those leaps of faith...

2 1/2 years ago, we were DEEP in debt.  We were barely making ends meet and we had tons of credit card debt...some from bad financial decisions, but some also from bumps in our financial road that we weren't adequately prepared for.  When my dad passed away, I inherited enough money to pay that debt off and we were set!  We were about to be livin' the good life!  We didn't even get a one month taste of the good life because it was a month later when Steve lost his job.  Back then, if you would have told me we would be where we are today, I would have laughed (shout out to Sarah of the OT times!).  Because there would have been no way, short of a miracle, we could have made it on just my salary for this long.

But here we are.  Almost ready to bring Kylie home and so far, all of the adoption paid for in CASH.  Some cash we had saved (albeit for Jenna's college fund!), much of it donated, lots of it fundraised, the rest of it earned.

Mid-last week, we had over 100 adoption t-shirts left.  We only bought 150 to start, so having the majority of that left was pretty sad.  Since that time, my niece Beth (the daughter of Deanne, my SIL traveling with me to China) sold EIGHT shirts to folks in her little physician's office.  EIGHT!  Friday night, Steve took the whole bin to the bowling alley where my SIL and many of her closest friends bowl on a church league.  Steve came in with nearly $200 worth of t-shirts sold there.  Sunday, my sweet neighbor, Aimee, took a bunch of shirts to her church and sold 13 of them there.  And the kicker was that Aimee was saddened she didn't sell more!  SELL MORE?!?!  Holy cow?  Saturday night, a few other adoptive families and I held a craft night fundraiser (more to come as soon as I hijack pics of the night from my friend Elizabeth), and I walked away with another chunk of change (remember, "chunk" is all in the eye of the beholder!) and since my Facebook post last week, I've gotten about 10 order for t-shirts as well.  5 on my desk to send out today!

All that to say, in the last...3 days...we've been blessed with nearly $1000 more to get us to Kylie!  The airline tickets are bought.  And they went on a credit card.  Unfortunately, that was the only way to pay for them in the short amount of time we have.  But I know that God shows up sometimes at the 11th hour when we know there is NO other way for things to happen.  So I hope God is just getting started.  He might not will it that this adoption be completely paid for without more sacrifice on our part.  I paid more than 1/2 of my mission journey to South Africa.  And yes, it hurt.  Financially, we didn't have it, but we found it eventually and paid it off at the last minute. 

But while I'm here...I want to remember His provisions in our lives.  God is just getting started.  I hope you'll stick around to see Him finish this out. 

Oh, and if you want a t-shirt, we do have some left.  There are no more SMALLS.  We have a handful of Mediums and plenty of Large and XL.  I have 1-3XL left and maybe 1 or 2 of the 2XLs.  Click here to learn how to get one and be a part of Kylie's story.

By the way, if you purchased a t-shirt and can take a picture of you wearing it, do that and send it to me.  I'll post them on my blog over the next few weeks.  My friend Elizabeth is doing this over on her blog and I sure wish I thought of it sooner!  She's a smart cookie!


The Best Friends I've Never Met

I have multiple posts on here about gifts sent to me from friends I have gotten to know through adoption boards such as Rumor Queen (hi friends!!!).  Many of the comments on my blog come from people I have never met in real life.  But these friends are the best and most generous people I could ever hope to find!

A month or so ago, I mentioned on my blog and on the adoption boards about how Kylie was sporting a Mohawk (most likely shaved for her lip surgery) and how we were going to need LOTS of bows and hair accessories so folks will know she's a girl!  That's when a friend who I have just seen on the RQ boards, emailed me.  Her daughter (also from China) models hair accessories and has a HUGE surplus.  And she wanted to know if I might like some?



A few days ago, look what arrived...
I know, right?  I'm not even kidding you.  There are bows in every size and color, headbands, hats, clips etc.  Jenna has even grabbed a few to wear!  They are AWESOME!  Now, I'm praying Kylie has enough hair to put them in and if so, she will leave them in!

Thanks Amy!  So exciting!


Shopping Fun!

Remember I posted a few days ago about the gift card tree my friends from DLES gave me?  Well, last weekend I took the opportunity to go out and have some guilt-free shopping fun!  We had quite a bit of stuff we still needed to pick up for Kylie and this gave us the perfect opportunity!  Steve was busy all day so Jenna and I started about 8:30 on our errands.

Our first stop was to fill up with gas and then on to the Donut Palace for breakfast!  Then I stopped at the bank to order our new bills for China (you have to take new bills for the exchange) and talk to them about wiring money internationally.  Then it was on to the really fun stuff!  Check out the stash!
Let's see...what do we have there?  American Express, WalMart, BabiesRUs, Target, Children's Place, TJ Maxx and even an Applebees gift card!  And I spent EVERY.  SINGLE.  ONE.

Check out what we got...
I had 3 Target gift cards and a 10% off coupon for anything left on the registry.  Here we have some diapers, body wash, toothbrush and paste, puzzle, a pair of jeans for me (I LOVE TJMAXX FOR JEANS!!!!), some more long sleeved onesies, some bath toys and some disposable changing pads.  Not ALL of this came from Target, but lots of it did.
We were running pretty low on baby toys and people don't tend to pick those up...they do more cutesie stuff.  So I got a few things.  I think she will really love these!
With the TJ Maxx gift card, I got Kylie's first Easter dress!!  I was so excited and it was so cheap!
The blue dress is Jenna's Easter dress also from TJ Maxx.  And those jeans up above?  I hate jean buying.  My favorite jeans right now are some off brand skinny jeans that I happened upon at TJ Maxx about a year ago.  I love them SO much they are literally worn out in places.  After finding the two Easter dresses, I randomly passed by the rack of women's jeans and there I found another pair of off brand (different from the first) skinny jeans that fit me perfectly.  If you know how hard it is for me to find jeans that fit, you'd understand the miracle it was for me to find these.  I already packed them for China!  And I hope to visit at least one other TJMaxx to see if I can find more.  And they are 1/2 the price of the jeans I recently bought at Kohls that didn't REALLY fit all that great.  I love TJMaxx.  In fact, I forgot how much I loved it.  But, I digress...

I got two of these....which does basically finish off the items I absolutely need before bringing Kylie home.  I'm glad to have this taken care of!
The last trip of the day was all the way in Murfreesboro, TN to a scrapbooking store to use a Groupon that was about to expire.  Jenna and I both found China scrapbook paper and stickers.  We are both excited.  Now we just need to find the time to sit down and do it!

It was a good, but long day!  And yes, I spent more than all those gift cards, but we have just about everything we need.  I have some long sleeved layering shirts for me coming in the mail hopefully very soon.  Then we also have some other fun things looking to arrive. 

Stay tuned!


Found on my iPhone

Here are a few fun photos found on my iPhone...
A few weeks ago, it was going to be super cold during the night.  Jenna and I had come in after dark and she was supposed to have shut the van door and garage.  Before bed, we let our other dog, Fred into the garage to stay warm for the night.  The next morning, I couldn't find Fred and I thought maybe Steve or Jenna had let him out before they went up to bed.  When I finally went to get in my van, this is what I found.  Yes.  Jenna left the van door open and Fred found the best sleeping place ever!
CURLS!  During Lifegroup (which we are hosting in our home in February), Jenna put rollers in her hair.  This is what she looked like in the morning.  The afternoon brought a lot more pretty and relaxed curls.  She loves them and what girl doesn't like her curls?
This was Jenna's church outfit a few warm weeks ago.  I don't know what possessed her, but thought she was pretty stinking cute.


A Special Gift

Yesterday I posted about Jenna's school Valentine Day party.  Well, I received something so special that day.

It might be hard to see here, but the teacher presented to me a gift card tree! There were a bunch of different gift cards attached, several families represented.  The teacher said she knew our lives were about to change (she would know, she has a newborn herself!) and so they wanted to do something before to help us prepare to bring Kylie home!  I don't know if even WE realize how true that statement is.  I have no idea what our lives will look like in a month from now.  And the gift cards came in SO handy...more to come on that!

Thanks to my friends at DLES.  I am abundantly blessed.


More Valentine Fun

Jenna had a 50s themed Valentine party at school this year.  We had to borrow and outfit from some friends of ours, but in the end, Jenna looked super cute.
She was a lot cuter in the morning.   She had a white tshirt on but unfortunately, some kid spilled milk on it at lunch.  So this is the replacement shirt.  The kids all loved it.
I think she would have made a great 50s girl!  They did a hula hooping contest...but even though Jenna is really good at it, she couldn't hang on with that big skirt!
They also played a game with conversation hearts and danced all the 50s dances...

They even had Coke floats!  I never was a huge fan of Coke floats and neither was Jenna but most of the kids loved them.
Last but not least, they did the limbo.  Lot's the kids are way more limber than I was at that age and certainly more than I am now!
A great time was had and the kids got a taste of what life in the 50s was like!

Don't miss the news....

If you don't use Google Reader, don't miss the news under the Valentine post below!  We GOT TA!!!  We are going to China!!! 

Read here for more details!


The Time Has Come...

Remember this post

Yes, well, I'm here to proclaim it... I SERVE A GOD WHO SHOWS UP IN THE AMBITIOUS!!!!

My hope to trave over Jenna's spring break?  They said "ambitious".  God said, "Just sit back and watch ME".

If you haven't gathered...WE GOT TRAVEL APPROVAL TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We aren't going to travel on March 7, but we do plan to leave March 14.  We'll get confirmation of those dates in a few days, but as of now, we'll leave on the 14th and Kylie will be placed in my arms on March 19!

The countdown is ON!!!!!  For real this time.

We are coming precious girl!!!  We are coming!!!!!

2 Weeks Gone and Happy Birthday!

Today marks two weeks we have been waiting for our Travel Approval.  The average wait time last week was 24 days which means we have some time to wait still.  However, I was really hoping we could get TA this week so we could leave on 3/7.  So just keep praying with me on that. 

Today, I wanted to take a minute to wish my stepmom and Jenna's Nana a happy birthday! 

Happy birthday!  We love you and hope this is the best one yet!!!


Valentine's Day

Since there's not much going on with the adoption front, I thought I'd give you a quick peak into our Valentine's day here at home.
This is my gift from Steve.  3 roses and a super large Hershey's kiss (which sounds good right about now!)

And those were my gifts from Jenna!  A little box of candy and a stuffed frog!  She was very concerned about making sure I got something from her.  So sweet.
And here she is with her gift.  Any stuffed animal would have made her happy but this plus a large box of chocolates made this girl very happy!  It was a low key V-day and that was just fine by us!


Nothing Yet

I know I've been a slacker about posting.  I hate it, but there's really not a lot to say.  We have passed the one week mark waiting on TA.  I have scheduled our Travel Call with Lifeline for the 28th.  I think I might have posted that already but I'm just too lazy to go look.

I have been dreaming about Kylie and traveling to China just about every night.

Jenna had her Valentine Party yesterday at school.  It was a 50s theme and quite cute.  A post on that is forthcoming.  I even got a surprise...
Yes, that's a gift card tree from the kids in Jenna's class (OK, more like the mom's of the kids!).  How sweet is that?  There were gift cards from Target, American Express, Children's Place, WalMart, Babies R Us and Applebees on there.  How cool is that?!  Jenna and I are going this weekend to use them!

I've been getting to bed later than usual.  I'm averaging about 6-6.5 hours sleep and tonight I'm feeling it.  So, I'm headed up to bed. 

Night all.


Valentine's Love

I'm copying this from my WBFF Katelyn's blog and she copied it from here.  You've gotta read Katelyn's blog because I think it might be one of my favorite posts she's done.  It's sweet and funny and just worth a quick read.  Plus, she'll love me forever if all my bloggy friends go visit her blog too!

Anyway, I thought it was a cute idea and since I'm currently out of things to say while we are waiting for China to say it's OK to come and get Kylie, I thought I'd shake things up about and write about something NON adoption related.  GASP.

So, for those of you who don't know us well and for those that could repeat this story themselves, here's OUR love story...

How long have you and your significant other been together? 
We'll celebrate 16 years of wedded bliss on June 1, 2012.  Our "official" date was July 24, 1994.  That was the day we first kissed. And yes, I really did make the first move.  As in typical male fashion, he wasn't picking up on my signals, so I just made it easy for him. :)  We were engaged on my 21st birthday and married a year later right before I turned 22. Yes.  I was young.  But I'd aged many years since my mom died in 1992. 

Yes, this was pre-engagement and pre-digital camera.  Gah.
How did you meet? {What's your "love story"?}
Love it or hate it, we met because of Steve's older daughter, Micah.  I began teaching 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School at my home church and because it was my home church, I knew everyone and everyone knew me.  Except I didn't know this cute bob-haired girl in my class.  She just showed up one day with her cousin.  I didn't understand it then, but I was drawn to her unlike any other child.  When I began to research who she was she told me her dad was the new drummer at the church.  A-ha!  I now made the connection.  So as Micah and I got closer, I started recruiting her daddy to help in the children's department.  Mind you, I was 19 about to turn 20 at the time we met.  Steve was 35, so it certainly could have turned scandalous once we started dating.  I'm not even exaggerating when I say that I loved Steve's kids long before I loved him.  I never thought Chase liked me much, so I worked hard to ensure that he did!  I never imagined my future spouse as being divorced with two kids, but I would not have it any other way.  I love Micah and Chase (and now Gage, Micah's son) in a way I never imagined was possible with children not born of my own body.  But it's true.  And once I was hooked on the kids, it didnt' take long for me to get hooked on Steve.  And well, I think he liked me a little too.  :)

If married, how long have you been married? If not, is this the guy you hope to marry? 
I covered this above, but yes, we are married...happily.  Going on 16 years.  And if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.

Do you have any nicknames you call one another?
Well, yes, I call him "honey" a lot or "hon".  I think he calls me "baby" occasionally.  Honestly, as unromantic as it seems...I think we are past the nicknames stage. 

Name three things you love most about your honey?
Only 3?  I love the way Steve loves me unconditionally.  I am a far cry from being a perfect anything, wife being the top of that list.  But you know what?  Steve overlooks it all.  But more than that, he loves God more than me.

I love the way Steve shows his love for me.  Things that most people wouldn't think about...like how many times he has filled my van up with gas unbeknowst to me.  I'll get in the van and get all flustered remembering that I have to go and get gas and look down and there's a full tank.  That means more to me than flower or candy or anything else he can buy me.

I love what a great father he is.  He'll be the first to admit he's not perfect, but I SEE the difference he is making in Jenna's life.  I saw how he tried to make a difference in his older kids' lives when they were younger and how proud he is of how they have turned out.  And I see him being a huge influence in Kylie's life.  Kids need the love and acceptance of a father.  But most of all, they need a father's presence.  And even though not working isn't Steve's first choice, his availability to Jenna has increased tremendously and that is not something most dad's can say.

 Is he a flowers and teddy bear kind of guy for v-day or strawberries, champagne and rose petals?
He's a flower and candy for me, but teddy bear and candy for Jenna.  After 16-18 Valentine's days, we are really lucky to exchange cards.

Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl or a pop in a movie and relax on the couch kind of girl? 
Totally relaxing at home kind of girl.  I don't think Steve and I have ever been a super outgoing couple.  We've always enjoyed being at home together.  We do like the occasional movie and dinner for sure.  But both of us would prefer staying home to going out most nights.  Yes, I know it screams "old married couple", but I'm embracing our oldness.

Tell us one thing you'd like to do with your significant other one day. 
I want to take him to New York City at Christmas.  I have been to NYC but not at Christmas and Steve has never been.  I just think it would be super neat to take a long weekend to see all the sights there.  I don't want to be there literally ON Christmas...just during the holidays some time.  So if there is anyone who wants to treat us to that gift, feel free!  Oh, and I'd also like to spend about 2 weeks in Hawaii.  That one is more for me though. 

Tell us what you plan to do this v day? 
I'm working and Steve is at home.  Just like any other day.  We exchanged cards and gifts this morning.  He'll have dinner on the table when I get home and we'll eat and sit on the couch.  Told you we were stay-at-home kinda people!

Are you asking for anything this valentine's day? 
Nope.  Just that we are together is enough.  Such a cliched answer and one that I used to roll my eyes at, but somewhere along the way, it's become true.  Just being with him is enough.

Give us one piece of advice of keeping a relationship strong and full of love.
Other than putting God smack dab in the center of your marriage?  Putting the other person first in everything you do and think.  Easy to write, SO hard to put into action.

Show us a picture of what love means to you.


Kylie's Happy Birthday!

After my hard day yesterday, I woke up to new photos of Kylie on her 1st birthday!!!  So excited to see her.  My favorite by far is the one below.  And I bet you can guess why...
Look at that smile!!!!  Oh my goodness!  I just want to reach through the computer screen and grab her!  Hopefully it will be soon.

Most of the photos are very close to being the same, but I'm posting most of them because I can't get enough of her sweet face.
Oh yeah, that's my girl!  Grabbing for the cake!  And I'm sorry, but what about that sweet baby standing on the floor beside her?  Do you not want to simply take him home with you??? 

And now her little buddy in the gentleman's lap looks like he's clapping for her.  I assume this is at the orphanage from the surroundings, but am trying to verify who the adults are in the photo.  I'm thinking they might be the orphanage director and his wife?  I'll let you know for sure, or if there are any SWI Lianyungang families out there that know, please comment!

Looks like they might be telling her to blow out the candle.  You can't see it as well, but from what I can see, her lip repair looks good.
So excited to be meeting her soon!  Pray hard with me that Travel Approval comes SOON!


The Roller Coaster of Adoption

Many of my adoptive friends know all too well how the journey of adoption can be a roller coaster of emotions.

Last week, I was encouraged.  Hopeful.  Excited that maybe our travel approval would come as fast as some others with my agency.  Over the weekend, I found out that not only 2 families with my agency received their travel approval but FOUR families received their approvals and all had been waiting a week or less.  And I also found out one of those four had a special expedite request.  So chance of our TA showing up anytime soon (or at least as quickly as those lucky families) is pretty unlikely.

Not to mention, due to all the activity surrounding those TAs, my agency has postponed my travel call until the end of the month further suggesting their expectations are that my TA will not arrive before that time.

So, today finds me a little bit bummed and on the downhill slide of the roller coaster.  I've had several folks ask if I am getting excited since we are "so close".  And yes, of course there is excitement, but this is likely the hardest wait of all because you ARE so close.  And as with every other step of the journey, you are at the mercy of a government not your own.  Unfortunately, the longer we wait, the harder it will be.

But the countdown is on...



I found out today that TWO families from our adoption agency received their Travel Approval after only 1 WEEK of waiting!  That is practically unheard of!  Their Article 5s were picked up last Thursday and Friday (I was picked up on Tuesday). 

At this point I'm not sure whether to be hopeful or afraid that it was just a fluke and I'll be in the slow line for our own TA.

As I mentioned the other day, I have had some trouble with the possibility of not traveling on March 7 (i.e. when *I* planned).  Yesterday was the Father's breakfast at school so Steve took Jenna.  I had a long commute to work alone (Rach, who I normally talk to on the way in...and the way home...was home recovering from a nasty stomach bug).  I decided since I had about 45 minutes that I would pray.  I prayed about a lot of stuff but when it came to that date....March 7......I laid that date down.  I told God that I would go to China when HE wanted me to go.  And I told Him that whatever day He wanted us to leave, I would give up March 7. 

But I did tell Him that since I don't actually know what His will is, I'm still praying for March 7!  Keep praying friends....I have learned today that while it might be ambitious, God is capable!


Sure Is Quiet Around Here...

...I was waiting to post until I got confirmation from my agency, but I haven't gotten anything yet so I figure I might as well tell what I *think* I know.  :) 

Our Article 5 should have been picked up today.  Well, technically, it's already Wednesday morning in China, so it should have been picked up yesterday in China and dropped off today at the CCCWA.  What does that mean??

It means we are waiting for Travel Approval (TA).  I mean...It means we are waiting for Travel Approval!!!!!  What is TA?  It's the official clearance/invitation from China to come and pick up Kylie!  It is the last step before we get on a plane! 

According to our agency, TA takes 3-4 weeks to receive.  I had really wanted to leave March 7 so we could be gone the week before and the week of Jenna's spring break but our agency said that was "ambitious".  To be able to travel March 7 and have a week or two to prepare, we'll need to get TA in 2ish weeks.  It definitely has happened.  Before Chinese New Year slowed everything down, TAs were coming in on the average 16-18 days.  I know it might be unlikely, but I serve a God who deals in unlikely every day. 

So if you want something to pray about, pray specifically that TA comes super fast.  And if you are an adoptive parent and think I'm nuts, please don't tell me so.  I'm working on accepting the likelihood we will not make the 7th, but I'm just not there yet.  :)

As always, keeping you posted...


Making Progress...

Today I did a little bit of shopping for the trip to China.  I got the men's gifts that I have to take bought.  I have gotten just about all the women's stuff done....just need a few more bags and some tissue paper and that should take care of the gifts.

Kylie's bag is almost packed completely.  I have a few things left to pack in her suitcase and then we are done until it's time to pack our clothes.

I get the question all the time if I am excited.  And of course I am.  But not as excited as most people would be at this point.  I think I have been burned so many times thinking things were moving along just to find out they weren't, that I'm fearful of getting my hopes up.  Tuesday our Article 5 should be picked up and then we'll be waiting on our Travel Approval. 

If you want something to pray about, pray that TA comes in 2-3 weeks.  We REALLY need it to come then if we plan to leave and be gone over spring break.

More to come....



OK, not quite yet, but pretty cool all the same.  Steve was contacted by an online diabetes magazine called Diabetes Care wanting to do a feature about him and Katie.

The story was published today and it is a REALLY good story!  Click here to read!


Nothing New Under the Sun

Sorry for the late post today.  I usually blog about stuff the night before and future date the post to post the next morning.

Unfortunately, I'm somewhat out of things to say.  It's been an interesting week at work.  Quiet for me without Katelyn around, but it's good.  I have found some sort of crazy motivation and knocked out just about everything on my to-do list.  I guess that's what knowing you could be traveling in a month does for you.

I have seen on Target.com there is a baby sale going on.  So I think I'm going to go tomorrow at lunch and use the rest of my Target gift cards.  The other car seat we need is on sale as is the baby monitor we picked out. 

There's been no movement on the adoption this week.  Our Article 5 should be picked up on Tuesday and then we'll be waiting on Travel Approval!  People keep asking me if I'm excited and yes, of course, I am but it is still far enough away and enough of it is still up in the air that I really can't get too excited yet.

I guess that's it for tonight.  Sorry there's nothing more exciting going on...hoping to get some birthday pics of Kylie soon...keeping you posted...

BTW-I just learned how to use the spellcheck on blogger.  Dang.  I wonder how many of my prior posts have had spelling errors in them?  I hate this laptop keyboard....


Baby Be Blessed!

Oh my word.  Have you guys seen these?  When I first saw them, I was intrigued.  But I saw they were taking pre-orders in December and I jumped on it.  Early last week, she came...and I am IN LOVE.

This is the Hope doll inspired by Show Hope.  These dolls can have whatever you want written on their bellies below their sweet dress.  Steve and I thought and thought about what scripture we would want on her tummy for Kylie.  Finally, we found what we thought would be perfect...
In case you can't quite see it... "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made! Your works are wonderful and I know this full well" Psalm 139:14.  August 3, 2011 The day we fell in love with you.

I figure for a girl with a visible facial scar, she might need to be reminded that God made her perfectly and wonderfully. 

I love this doll.  She'll be traveling to China with us in a few weeks. (OMG, did I just type WEEKS?!)