The Time Has Come...

Remember this post

Yes, well, I'm here to proclaim it... I SERVE A GOD WHO SHOWS UP IN THE AMBITIOUS!!!!

My hope to trave over Jenna's spring break?  They said "ambitious".  God said, "Just sit back and watch ME".

If you haven't gathered...WE GOT TRAVEL APPROVAL TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We aren't going to travel on March 7, but we do plan to leave March 14.  We'll get confirmation of those dates in a few days, but as of now, we'll leave on the 14th and Kylie will be placed in my arms on March 19!

The countdown is ON!!!!!  For real this time.

We are coming precious girl!!!  We are coming!!!!!


Rushton Waltchack said...

Yea!!!!!! I think we will pass in the sky :) good luck with everything! Excited to follow your journey on your blog!

Vicky said...

Wow! That is so exciting! Your sweet baby girl will be in your arms before you know it. How long after your Article 5 did you wait for your TA?

The Payne Family Blog said...

So, now I am crying!!!! Less than a month!!!! Whooop!!!! I cannot wait to follow your journey!!!

Steve & Kate said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to hear that! It gives me hope that mine is right around the corner!


Jenna said...

Yayyy! She'll be in your arms on my birthday! How awesome! What an awesome God we serve[: