More Valentine Fun

Jenna had a 50s themed Valentine party at school this year.  We had to borrow and outfit from some friends of ours, but in the end, Jenna looked super cute.
She was a lot cuter in the morning.   She had a white tshirt on but unfortunately, some kid spilled milk on it at lunch.  So this is the replacement shirt.  The kids all loved it.
I think she would have made a great 50s girl!  They did a hula hooping contest...but even though Jenna is really good at it, she couldn't hang on with that big skirt!
They also played a game with conversation hearts and danced all the 50s dances...

They even had Coke floats!  I never was a huge fan of Coke floats and neither was Jenna but most of the kids loved them.
Last but not least, they did the limbo.  Lot's the kids are way more limber than I was at that age and certainly more than I am now!
A great time was had and the kids got a taste of what life in the 50s was like!

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