Making Progress...

Today I did a little bit of shopping for the trip to China.  I got the men's gifts that I have to take bought.  I have gotten just about all the women's stuff done....just need a few more bags and some tissue paper and that should take care of the gifts.

Kylie's bag is almost packed completely.  I have a few things left to pack in her suitcase and then we are done until it's time to pack our clothes.

I get the question all the time if I am excited.  And of course I am.  But not as excited as most people would be at this point.  I think I have been burned so many times thinking things were moving along just to find out they weren't, that I'm fearful of getting my hopes up.  Tuesday our Article 5 should be picked up and then we'll be waiting on our Travel Approval. 

If you want something to pray about, pray that TA comes in 2-3 weeks.  We REALLY need it to come then if we plan to leave and be gone over spring break.

More to come....

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