Nothing New Under the Sun

Sorry for the late post today.  I usually blog about stuff the night before and future date the post to post the next morning.

Unfortunately, I'm somewhat out of things to say.  It's been an interesting week at work.  Quiet for me without Katelyn around, but it's good.  I have found some sort of crazy motivation and knocked out just about everything on my to-do list.  I guess that's what knowing you could be traveling in a month does for you.

I have seen on Target.com there is a baby sale going on.  So I think I'm going to go tomorrow at lunch and use the rest of my Target gift cards.  The other car seat we need is on sale as is the baby monitor we picked out. 

There's been no movement on the adoption this week.  Our Article 5 should be picked up on Tuesday and then we'll be waiting on Travel Approval!  People keep asking me if I'm excited and yes, of course, I am but it is still far enough away and enough of it is still up in the air that I really can't get too excited yet.

I guess that's it for tonight.  Sorry there's nothing more exciting going on...hoping to get some birthday pics of Kylie soon...keeping you posted...

BTW-I just learned how to use the spellcheck on blogger.  Dang.  I wonder how many of my prior posts have had spelling errors in them?  I hate this laptop keyboard....

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