The Best Friends I've Never Met

I have multiple posts on here about gifts sent to me from friends I have gotten to know through adoption boards such as Rumor Queen (hi friends!!!).  Many of the comments on my blog come from people I have never met in real life.  But these friends are the best and most generous people I could ever hope to find!

A month or so ago, I mentioned on my blog and on the adoption boards about how Kylie was sporting a Mohawk (most likely shaved for her lip surgery) and how we were going to need LOTS of bows and hair accessories so folks will know she's a girl!  That's when a friend who I have just seen on the RQ boards, emailed me.  Her daughter (also from China) models hair accessories and has a HUGE surplus.  And she wanted to know if I might like some?



A few days ago, look what arrived...
I know, right?  I'm not even kidding you.  There are bows in every size and color, headbands, hats, clips etc.  Jenna has even grabbed a few to wear!  They are AWESOME!  Now, I'm praying Kylie has enough hair to put them in and if so, she will leave them in!

Thanks Amy!  So exciting!

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Emily said...

Love them! I couldn't find your email on here but I want to make something for Jenna and Kylie : ) can you email me pretty please? My email is emilybell987@yahoo.com