Shopping Fun!

Remember I posted a few days ago about the gift card tree my friends from DLES gave me?  Well, last weekend I took the opportunity to go out and have some guilt-free shopping fun!  We had quite a bit of stuff we still needed to pick up for Kylie and this gave us the perfect opportunity!  Steve was busy all day so Jenna and I started about 8:30 on our errands.

Our first stop was to fill up with gas and then on to the Donut Palace for breakfast!  Then I stopped at the bank to order our new bills for China (you have to take new bills for the exchange) and talk to them about wiring money internationally.  Then it was on to the really fun stuff!  Check out the stash!
Let's see...what do we have there?  American Express, WalMart, BabiesRUs, Target, Children's Place, TJ Maxx and even an Applebees gift card!  And I spent EVERY.  SINGLE.  ONE.

Check out what we got...
I had 3 Target gift cards and a 10% off coupon for anything left on the registry.  Here we have some diapers, body wash, toothbrush and paste, puzzle, a pair of jeans for me (I LOVE TJMAXX FOR JEANS!!!!), some more long sleeved onesies, some bath toys and some disposable changing pads.  Not ALL of this came from Target, but lots of it did.
We were running pretty low on baby toys and people don't tend to pick those up...they do more cutesie stuff.  So I got a few things.  I think she will really love these!
With the TJ Maxx gift card, I got Kylie's first Easter dress!!  I was so excited and it was so cheap!
The blue dress is Jenna's Easter dress also from TJ Maxx.  And those jeans up above?  I hate jean buying.  My favorite jeans right now are some off brand skinny jeans that I happened upon at TJ Maxx about a year ago.  I love them SO much they are literally worn out in places.  After finding the two Easter dresses, I randomly passed by the rack of women's jeans and there I found another pair of off brand (different from the first) skinny jeans that fit me perfectly.  If you know how hard it is for me to find jeans that fit, you'd understand the miracle it was for me to find these.  I already packed them for China!  And I hope to visit at least one other TJMaxx to see if I can find more.  And they are 1/2 the price of the jeans I recently bought at Kohls that didn't REALLY fit all that great.  I love TJMaxx.  In fact, I forgot how much I loved it.  But, I digress...

I got two of these....which does basically finish off the items I absolutely need before bringing Kylie home.  I'm glad to have this taken care of!
The last trip of the day was all the way in Murfreesboro, TN to a scrapbooking store to use a Groupon that was about to expire.  Jenna and I both found China scrapbook paper and stickers.  We are both excited.  Now we just need to find the time to sit down and do it!

It was a good, but long day!  And yes, I spent more than all those gift cards, but we have just about everything we need.  I have some long sleeved layering shirts for me coming in the mail hopefully very soon.  Then we also have some other fun things looking to arrive. 

Stay tuned!

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