I found out today that TWO families from our adoption agency received their Travel Approval after only 1 WEEK of waiting!  That is practically unheard of!  Their Article 5s were picked up last Thursday and Friday (I was picked up on Tuesday). 

At this point I'm not sure whether to be hopeful or afraid that it was just a fluke and I'll be in the slow line for our own TA.

As I mentioned the other day, I have had some trouble with the possibility of not traveling on March 7 (i.e. when *I* planned).  Yesterday was the Father's breakfast at school so Steve took Jenna.  I had a long commute to work alone (Rach, who I normally talk to on the way in...and the way home...was home recovering from a nasty stomach bug).  I decided since I had about 45 minutes that I would pray.  I prayed about a lot of stuff but when it came to that date....March 7......I laid that date down.  I told God that I would go to China when HE wanted me to go.  And I told Him that whatever day He wanted us to leave, I would give up March 7. 

But I did tell Him that since I don't actually know what His will is, I'm still praying for March 7!  Keep praying friends....I have learned today that while it might be ambitious, God is capable!


Christy said...

Praying our awesome God will continue to be glorified in this process, but praying with hope and faith that He will work out your travel plans for MARCH 7!

Vicky said...

I pray that it comes quickly and that you are able to travel by March 7th! I can't wait to see that precious baby in your arms!

Steve & Kate said...

Wow!!! That is unheard of. Hope it happens for you and us both. :-) Kate

Allison said...

OHMYWORD!!!! YES, YES, YES! Still praying with you!