Kylie's Happy Birthday!

After my hard day yesterday, I woke up to new photos of Kylie on her 1st birthday!!!  So excited to see her.  My favorite by far is the one below.  And I bet you can guess why...
Look at that smile!!!!  Oh my goodness!  I just want to reach through the computer screen and grab her!  Hopefully it will be soon.

Most of the photos are very close to being the same, but I'm posting most of them because I can't get enough of her sweet face.
Oh yeah, that's my girl!  Grabbing for the cake!  And I'm sorry, but what about that sweet baby standing on the floor beside her?  Do you not want to simply take him home with you??? 

And now her little buddy in the gentleman's lap looks like he's clapping for her.  I assume this is at the orphanage from the surroundings, but am trying to verify who the adults are in the photo.  I'm thinking they might be the orphanage director and his wife?  I'll let you know for sure, or if there are any SWI Lianyungang families out there that know, please comment!

Looks like they might be telling her to blow out the candle.  You can't see it as well, but from what I can see, her lip repair looks good.
So excited to be meeting her soon!  Pray hard with me that Travel Approval comes SOON!


Christy said...

She is so beautiful! Happy birthday again, Kylie! I can only imagine how much your Mommy wants to hold you! I can hardly stand not being able to give you a squeeze myself!

Sean, Bridget and Josiah said...

She looks so happy! Looks like she is getting good attention! So happy for you that you will be getting little Kylie soon!