Found on my iPhone

Here are a few fun photos found on my iPhone...
A few weeks ago, it was going to be super cold during the night.  Jenna and I had come in after dark and she was supposed to have shut the van door and garage.  Before bed, we let our other dog, Fred into the garage to stay warm for the night.  The next morning, I couldn't find Fred and I thought maybe Steve or Jenna had let him out before they went up to bed.  When I finally went to get in my van, this is what I found.  Yes.  Jenna left the van door open and Fred found the best sleeping place ever!
CURLS!  During Lifegroup (which we are hosting in our home in February), Jenna put rollers in her hair.  This is what she looked like in the morning.  The afternoon brought a lot more pretty and relaxed curls.  She loves them and what girl doesn't like her curls?
This was Jenna's church outfit a few warm weeks ago.  I don't know what possessed her, but thought she was pretty stinking cute.


Vicky said...

Is Jenna going with you to China?

I love the dog asleep in the van! Smart puppy!

I remember going thru a hat phase! Too cute!

Sandra said...

Hi Vicky! Yes, Jenna is going with me! She is VERY excited!