Happy Thanksgiving to my 3 readers!

I finally finished cooking our delicious lunch at 11:30 this afternoon and now we are all laying around.  We are about to start getting prepared for round 2 which will occur with the Taylor Family.  Getting together with the Taylors will be different this year.  We are missing cousin Alex (who recently got married-CONGRATS!) and is with her new husband in North Carolina.  Chase is not home this holiday, but lucky for him, he is in Marine school about 20 minutes away from Alex, so they should be spending today together.  Cousin Gabri is still in California, unable to be with us.  Micah and Gage won't be joining us as they have other plans today.  And of course, the most pronounced absence is our Matriarch, Mary. 

But we have much to be thankful for in this year of loss.  Let me name a few:

*God removed Steve from his most unhappy situation at his old job.
*He has continued to amaze us in providing for us since Steve has been out of a job.
*Katie joining our family, putting my mind at ease and saving Steve's life over and over again.
*The fact that my dad is no longer suffering, but has joined my Mom in heaven this Thanksgiving.
*My job that I love and work for 2 women who also believe and understand the importance of family.
*Jenna, Steve and myself are for the most part healthy and happy.
*The financial ability to send my child to a school where worshipping God is a daily thing.
*Friends who love me and will approach the Throne on my behalf.
*A God that loved me so much, He would sacrifice His Son so that I can spend eternity with Him.

So many other things to be thankful for.  There's not enough time to list them all.  I'm off to get ready for another food fest.  I hope wherever you are, you are eating turkey and remembering all you have to be thankful for.


Thanksgiving Menu

Just thought I'd share what's on my Thanksgiving menu for tomorrow.  I am cooking a mini-lunch for the three of us and then we'll have the Taylor Thanksgiving at Steve's sister's house tomorrow night.

But for us, we are having ham, cornbread dressing, macaroni and cheese, corn, green beans, sweet potato casserole, fruit salad and rolls.  For dessert, we have cranberry-apple crisp and chocolate cake balls. 

So far, I already made the fruit salad, the cornbread for the dressing, the dressing, and the cranberry-apple crisp.  The corn and green beans will only take a few minutes to warm.  I think I'll do the cake balls and a second batch of macaroni and cheese for the Taylors.

Now, I'm tired and have been on my feet all night (I cooked dinner too) and so I'm going to lay down.  I'll have to get up early tomorrow to put the rolls out to rise.


A late one...

I know this is a very late update.  I blogged almost daily for a while there.  I guess life just has a way of intruding sometimes!

Not really a lot has been going on.  I'm working fast and furiously at work.  So many things to get done before year end.  I have a huge deadline looming over me. A year-long project that must be finished and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. 

Jenna got her progress report from school last week.  She's doing well.  Es in Bible, Social Studies, Science and something else...S+ or S in everything else (handwriting, math, reading, etc.)  We are very proud. She's been struggling with her behavior lately and so we've had a "coming to Jesus" talk with her which has resulted in her being without TV privileges for the past 3 days.  I can already see an improvement in her behavior at home, so I hope it's working.

Steve's still working at the church about 3 days a week.  He finally signed back up for unemployment (he was ineligible for a while when he was working 2 PT/temp jobs) and that will help fill the financial gap.  We are beginning to really feel the pinch of him being out of a job.  God has provided more than I can tell you through the last few months.  Perhaps a post on that soon.  Anyway, thankfully, for the last 10+ years, I have had a Christmas Club account where money is automatically deducted from my check and sent to a special account at the credit union.  They transfer it into my savings in October and then we have that money for Christmas.  It is the BEST thing I have ever done financially speaking (or close to it).  Each Christmas, we have more than enough money to make our family's Christmas a good one.  This year, it will come in extremely handy.  I can't imagine the stress this year if we hadn't saved all year.  We do give back also...we are helping with the church's Christmas baskets this year and I have to say, I'm pretty excited about it.  I hear it's a fabulous time!

What's on tap this weekend?  Not much.  I am leaving shortly to go to the VERY EARLY matinee of New Moon with my friend Marcia!  It's the 10 AM showing.  We figured it would be best to beat the crowds.  I'm pretty excited about it.  After that, I have absolutely no plans whatsoever.  Laundry of course, but other than that, just relaxing at home. 

Does anyone out there shop on Black Friday? I've always wanted to do it, but never have.  I couldn't do it alone or with Steve because I would be too easily irritated.  But I think if I could ride with an experienced friend, that would be fine.  I have shopped occasionally on BF if I was looking for a high dollar item like a PC.  But it's been years since I've needed something like that.  A few years ago, I laid down and took a nap on the Friday after Thanksgiving and when I woke up about 5pm, I decided I wasn't going to stay in the house all day and so I got up and went Black Friday NIGHT shopping.  Y'all, let me tell you...best thing EVER.  The crowds are nearly gone, parking is better and for the most part, the deals are still going, not to mention the stores are usually open late.  I do the majority of my shopping then.  It's fun and I look forward to it.  The first year Steve was bowling in a league, so I took JG with me.  The last few years, I've left them both at home...that way I can do her shopping at the same time.  If you are interested in tagging along, HOLLA.  My bestie, Rachel is going to be in OK for the holidays and that totally means I'll be alone and depressed.  :)

OK, that's it.  It's about time for me to head out.  I have to meet Marcia in about an hour and I need to check email before I go.

Happy before-Thanksgiving weekend!


Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day.  Up until this year, for me it was just another day for the banks to be closed and the mail not to run. 

This year, it means so much more. 

Take a few moments today to pray for the troops who are deployed, those in training, those that were affected by the events in Ft. Hood, TX...and if you know someone in the military...past or present...thank them.  Their sacrifice provided the freedoms we all enjoy today.

Happy Veteran's Day!


Do you Twitter?

I'm pretty sure that no one cares about what I'm doing every minute of the day except me...but I am now Tweeting periodically.  If you are one of few people who "do" Twitter, then you can follow me @sandysignr or leave me your Twitter handle in the comments...

Need a little miracle today?

If you keep up with MckMama's blog and Stellan, you'll know that they had to do the ablation today.  Stellan was in bad shape and actually coded before the surgery even began.

If you haven't already read her post from this evening and need a little pick-me-up, read the results of his surgery here.


This is a test post

This is a test post I am sending from my cell phone. Could it be true? I can blog from my cell?!