The Coolest T-shirt Ever!

5 reasons you need one of our adoption t-shirts:

5.  Because let's be honest, you can NEVER have enough t-shirts.
4.  It's a great conversations starter when someone asks you about it.
3.  They are going to make GREAT Christmas gifts for teachers, family and friends.
2.  They are a great color which goes with anything and both guys and girls look good in them.

And the top reason you should buy one of our adoption t-shirts?

1. Because you can say you had a part in bringing a beautiful baby girl home to her family.  You can be part of OUR blessing.

Back of shirt

I've disabled my Paypal as a way of paying because by the time Paypal takes their portion and I pay to ship shirts out, I've lost nearly all of my profit.  If you are local, shirts are $20 and you can pay me by cash or check.  I'll of course deliver your shirt to you.  If you are not local, shirts are still $20, but please include $2.50 for shipping.  I can expedite ship your shirt to you for $5, so $2.50 will offset part of the shipping.  And you too can pay in cash or check.  (If you've recently purchased a shirt online and have not yet received it, you will NOT owe shipping!)  Shirts are available in S, M, L,XL and a few 2XL and 3XL. 

If you are interested in a t-shirt, email me at sandysignr(AT)charter(DOT)net (removing the words and inserting the proper punctuation) or you can leave a comment below.

For those of you who already have plenty of t-shirts and have no desire to have more, or for those that have already bought (THANKS!), you can still help.  Consider this your warning...I'm going to be contacting you soon.  I want you to simply sell 5 shirts to your friends or family.  I have 116 shirts left.  If 23 of you sold 5 shirts for me, that would take care of them all and put us $2300 closer to our goal.  Please consider doing this for me. 

For us. 

For Kylie.

Front of t-shirt

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