We've been struggling a little bit in school remembering to bring home the right study papers, books, notebooks etc.  So Thursday when I got to pick Jenna up from school, she says, "Did Mrs. L email you today?"

I told her I didn't think so but I wasn't where I could check my email and was there something she needed to share with me.  She kept saying no, but I told her I was going to check my email and she finally gave in. 

She said, "OK...OK...here..." and handed me this:
Boy was I surprised!  Caught being good awards can be given to any child by any teacher when they catch a student doing a good deed without being asked, prompted or cajoled and without expecting recognition.  Mrs. Smith was Jenna's third grade teacher and left a lasting impression on not just Jenna but Steve and I as well.  She's asked Steve to come give a talk on Katie, Service Dogs and what they do for 2 years in a row and has already booked him for her class next year!  She also walked the largest part of the adoption journey with us and was very disappointed when we had not gotten a referral by the end of last school year.  She was the FIRST teacher Jenna took Kylie's picture to on registration day.  And she was one of the first people I emailed to tell the good news (unknown to Jenna).  We love her.

And I love my little good-deed-doer. 

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Susie said...

That is awesome...Good Job Kiddo