Jenna's Got Talent!!

Last Thursday was the 4th Grade Talent Show at school.  Jenna had practiced for a long time on Amy Grant's "Better than a Hallelujah" but she was very nervous.  I thought it would be only the parents of the 4th graders who were participating (21 acts).  But no, they paraded in the entire school...all the way down to the kindergartners!  It was a packed house.

I am not sure which of us was more nervous, me or Jenna.  I was shaking inside and out.  I tried not to let her see though. 

There were little girls who sang solos and Jenna was the middle one.  And she actually looked up at the audience when she was singing instead of staring at her feet.  In the end, it went beautifully and I thought it was a great performance.  She has way more courage than I ever would have to get up and sing in front of a large audience.  Peers, no less.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did...

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Jenna said...

She has an absolutely beautiful voice! How awesome!