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I am pleased to announce, thanks to some very generous donations lately, we now have enough money to complete our adoption!!!  Praise the Lord!

Now comes the hard part.  We have to actually GET to China!  It's going to take about $7,000 to get the three (and then four) of us airline tickets, hotel rooms, food etc.  We have about $2,000 of that saved.  We have t-shirts that if we sell all of (more to come on that), we'd net about $2,300.  That leaves us a mere $4,300 from our goal.

So we are trying to think of ways we could fundraise the remainder of the money.  We have several ideas that I'd love your input on.

Which fundraiser activity would you rather participate in?  Would you rather pay $5 per chance to win a Kindle or Nook?  What about $10 per chance to win an iPad?  Would you take advantage of a Christmas present wrapping service one day in December?  You'd bring your gift to a location where I'd wrap them and you could pick them up later?  The fee could be a donation, flat fee or per box.  O would you rather just send finanial support and not participate in any of the above?

If you have additional thoughts or comments or ideas, feel free to leave those in the comments.  If by chance you would not participate in anything or don't support the fundraising idea, that's great.  But your snarky comments aren't helpful and won't be published, so don't bother.

Would you please take a minute to answer my poll over there to the right? I'd really appreciate your help.


Jennifer said...

Will you come and wrap my Christmas presents? I will pay you!

Melissa said...

Great ideas!!!!