One of my dearest adoption friends, Jennifer, I met online.  She was matched almost immediately after she was LID with a precious little girl with bilateral cleft lip and palate.  They named her Myah.

Jennifer and I have gotten close via FB, blogs, emails and we even talk frequently (um, OK daily) on the phone.  She's been a wonderful world of information (this girl KNOWS her adoption stuff) and we've supported each other through this journey.

At this very moment, Jennifer and her family are in China getting their precious Myah.  Tonight, while I was helping Jenna with her homework, my computer and cell phone starting ringing at the same time.  I finally realized it was Skype!  Jennifer was calling me from China! 

I was SO excited to see and talk to her because I've missed our daily chats!  But best of all, in her lap was Myah!  And OH MY WORD.  She is stinkin' cute!  I enjoyed our chat and just loved looking at Myah (who is 14 months old now).  It made my heart ache for my Kylie.

But if you want to get a glimpse of what a trip to China will look like for us, follow her blog here.  And pray for them as they adjust to having their Myah in their arms finally!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Dear friend, you are so sweet! I loved talking with you today! What a treat for me. We will have to resume our daily phone calls when I get home... that is if my 4 kids will have it!

Myah is a daddy's girl. She is not too happy when I hold her today! That is to be expected. Please pray for her little heart to know that I am safe and that I love her!