Carving Pumpkins

Last weekend we set aside for carving pumpkins.  We used to carve them earlier, but then they'd rot before Halloween, so we've gotten smarter over the years.

Steve is always the one who has to start the fun cutting out the top and then Jenna gets to clean out the "guts".

A few years ago, before it was all the rage, we did the special carvings and they turned out fine.  Then for a few years, I got lazy and just did the standard pumpkin face.  This year, we met in the middle and did a carving, but we did a couple that were relatively easy.

This is me doing MINE...
Jenna took a few pictures of us.  It's nice that she is getting to the age where she's interested because Steve and I rarely are in pictures together.
And here's my final product.  Can you tell what it is?  Lie to me and say yes even if you can't!!!
And then Jenna picked one and Steve helped carve it while I cleaned pumpkin seeds from pumpkin guts.
The last few years I have started using the pumpkin seeds.  I wash them, the salt and roast them.  I never really loved roasted pumpkin seeds before, but both Jenna and I have taken to them every Halloween.
I ended up taking them to LifeGroup after they were done and they were gobbled up like hotcakes!  Who knew so many people loved roasted pumpkin seeds!!!???

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Julie said...

Those look great. Love your spider :) Sadly, we did not get around to carving pumpkins. We meant to tonight and ran out of town. Hopefully we aren't scaring our kids too badly by not carving them this year.
And who knew pumpkin seeds were all the rage! I've recently discovered a love for all things pumpkin flavored, I cannot get enough!