Road Trip-Birmingham!!!

Yesterday we spent the day in beautiful Birmingham Alabama!  Actually, we stayed in Hoover, but close enough.  :) 

We drove down Friday night because Saturday was our adoption agency's 30th birthday/reunion!  I honestly had no idea what to expect but it sounded like a fun time, was only 3 hours from home and I thought it would be a good road trip for us.  At this point, we surely needed to get away!

Anyway, it was a rough first hour because we got there, but knew NO ONE.  We got over to the craft table where Jenna made a butterfly...

The other reason I wanted to go was to meet the woman who found Kylie for us.  She lives in China and her name is Lily.  She works for several agencies (as I understand it) and before we were with Lifeline, I had heard a lot about the famous Lily and how unbelievable she was.  Her reputation certainly preceded her.

The first person I met was actually Rebecca.  She will be our guide in Guangzhou.  She was so fabulous to talk to and I can't wait to spend time with her in China.  She has a cute sense of humor as well.
Rebecca shared with us that a Chinese delegation was there also, including one of the directors of Jiangsu (Kylie's province) and the 2nd in command at the CCCWA.  UM HELLO!?  Can I meet her?  I need her to remember my name so she can move that LOA along!!! LOL.

I did actually meet her and she was very pleasant.  I didn't want to freak her out by asking for a photo.  She did have many pictures made with some of the children, but since Kylie's not here yet, I thought it might be a little weird.  I just got one from the back while she was talking with someone else.

She's the one with the golden jacket on.  In case you are wondering who the tall, long haired woman is next to her?  Well, that's Lily.  I wish I'd gotten a picture with her, but she was crazy running around translating for the Chinese delegation.  When I met her, she was asking me what Kylie's Chinese name was, trying to place her face and who we were.  When I told her the name, she said, "Oh, you transferred to us!!" and I was like, "YES!  That's us!!!" and then she just threw her arms around me and hugged me.  She was so instrumental in getting my dossier from the CCCWA and getting me logged back in under Lifeline.  She was amazing.  I'll admit, I just about burst out into tears of gratefulness.  She brought our sweet Kylie to us and I could never thank her enough.

There were lots of people there including a friend I met on the adoption boards that I frequent.  Her name IRL is Emily and she introduced me to a couple people who are with Lifeline and who very possibly could travel at the same time we do. 

There was a presentation and this is a little bit better picture of Lily.

After the presentation, we sang Happy Birthday to Lifeline and then we all went out to have yummy birthday cake.  Right before we were dismissed, they acknowledged the keynote speaker for their upcoming fundraising dinner was present.  Guess who?  None other than David Platt himself. 

Let me just take a minute to say if you haven't read his book Radical, you do NOT know what you are missing.  I read this book as part of the ladies' Bible study I used to be part of.  And it changed my life.  If you are not ready for change, then stay away from this book.  It was while reading this book on the heels of "Crazy Love", that I started praying again about adoption.  I would come home and share what I learned with Steve and eventually his men's group read it.  Shortly thereafter, he shared with me that he was open to adoption.  We have watched several of David Platt's podcasts and his sermons are unbelievable.  If you are interested go here and watch a few.  But again...be ready to be changed.

Anyway, while Jenna and I were standing there eating cake (Steve was introducing Katie to some little girls), who other than David Platt stands next to us with one of his sons eating cake!  I couldn't just stand there, so totally out of form, I tapped him on the shoulder and apologized for bothering him but I just had to tell him how much his book changed our lives.  He was SO nice.  We introduced each other and I told him how his book opened our hearts to adoption and how the ladies' Bible study group I attended read it.  He thanked me for the encouragement.  He asked about our adoption, what step we were on and when we expected to travel.  They are traveling "anytime now" to pick up their little girl in Guangdong.

He was the nicest, humblest guy and it was definitely another highlight of the trip.  Somehow Steve couldn't find us, and by the time he came over, the Platt's were leaving.  We were on our way out too, and I tried to get Steve to stop him for a picture, but then it did seem a bit stalkerish to go running after him, so this is the best I could do.

Oh, and Mr. Platt, should you ever stumble on this blog, I apologize for this crazy, stalker picture, but we felt like running across the parking lot screaming at you to stop for a picture might have seemed a little overboard.

It was an honor to have met all these people.  From the beginning of our journey with the author of Radical, to the climax of our journey of seeing Kylie's face for the first time (thanks to Lily) to going to get her (with Rebecca)...it was an amazing day.

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