Ham Fest

Oh yes, you know fall has officially arrived when the Ham Fest comes to town!  Ham Fest is an annual fall festival of sorts that comes to our little town every October.  We almost didn't go this weekend because we were so busy, but it turned out to be a lot of fun (as it is every year) even though Jenna is a little bit past the point of wanting to play in the bouncy houses with all the littles.  :)

We looked at all the booths and Jenna bought a cute ring made of wire which they wrapped to spell her name.  I thought it would be a gargantuan waste of money, but the little thing turned out pretty stinkin' cute.  I guess it was worth the $5 we spent for it.
We had some yummy, fair-like, food.  But the best part (and most expensive) food we had was:
I know, right?  And it was chocolate with big chunks of chocolate or brownie or something delish.  This was the best part of my day! 

The day was beautiful, as you can tell, but the wind was blowing and it made it feel quite cool at times.  Jenna was dressed like it was ready to snow!
It was a good day and we had fun even though originally I thought we didn't have time for it.  I'm glad we went.  It was a nice day spent together as a family and the weather was cooperative.

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