Local Fall Festival

A friend of ours from church owned a wholesale tree nursery in our little town.  Several years ago, he opened the retail area and it's where we got most of our leaves for Jenna's leaf project as well as our pumpkins.  This past weekend, Riverbend Nurseries had it's fall festival.  It's the first year we've been to it and we went with our neighbors Sean and Bridget.  Their son was also adopted from China. 

A little aside was when the house across the street from ours went up for sale, I joked to some friends that I was praying for a family to move in that had an adopted daughter from China.  The family who moved in has two daughters, but they aren't adopted from China!  However, through the wonderful internet world, I found Bridget who lived literally a house down from us on the opposite side of the street.  We love spending time with them and they are waiting to travel to China for their second son.  She's just a tiny bit behind us in paperwork and the way this crazy journey goes, it could be that we travel together.  We had dinner together Friday night and decided to go to Riverbend together.

Riverbend was fun.  There was lots to do and the weather was perfect.

Petting Zoo

Corn Maze

There was pumpkin painting, games, a hayride, a bounce house...lots of fun things.  And the company was great too!  It was a wonderful day topped off with a first birthday party of a sweet baby girl I have had the pleasure of keeping in my nursery on Sunday mornings since she was first born. Not only that, but I had her sister since she was little as well. I've spoken of their mom, Elizabeth, on my blog before, but here they whole family is...
I love this family.  They are the most wonderful Christian family and I admire their parenting skills.  A little trivia about my friend Elizabeth...she was the iPad winner last year!  A lot of families were at the birthday party and someone snapped this photograph of the moms...

Oh my, how I love these girls. And not just one of them.  ALL OF THEM.  ALOT!  From left to right, that's Jill (the mom of my smiley girl, MB), Lindsay (the most patient mom of 2 precious girls, soon to welcome a SON!), Elizabeth #1 (whose youngest was the catalyst for Jenna to start wanting a brother, he's SO sweet!), me, and then Elizabeth #2 (mom of the birthday girl).  I absolutely love these women of God AND their kids.  I'm so blessed.

It was the end to a perfect, beautiful day!

(Pictures used by permission)

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