Mansker's Station

Right before fall break, Jenna's class went on another field trip.  This one was to Mansker's Station.  It was a great thing to do before the start to fall break!  I was not able to go on this trip, but Jenna has proved responsible with my point and shoot, so I let her take it to document her trip.

When I say responsible, I mean she didn't lose the camera, not necessarily that she took pictures appropriate for the trip!  Oh I jest...here are some...

In Jenna's words, this is the fireplace in the fort at Mansker's Station.

This is the blacksmith station...where they'd put the iron in and get it really hot.
Toting water...all the kids got to try this.  Jenna claims it wasn't heavy, but I bet after a few times, it would start gettin realllllly old.

Jenna is really starting to turn into a budding photographer.  She's proving she can get some decent shots even when I'm not around.  I'm very proud of her!

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