Adoption Update

A week ago, I had a call with my agency regarding next steps and where we are.  Basically it looks like 5-6 months before we travel.  Now that we have pre-approval, we are waiting on the LOA and that has been taking way longer than it used to.  I think 70-90 days is what it's at now. 

We'll start preparing paperwork now for the next step so when we get the LOA, it'll be all ready to go out the door immediately. 

We also got updated pictures on our little girl.
These appear to have been taken just a few weeks ago, so in them she should be about 6 months old (whereas the ones from our referral packet were at 4 months).
We received a few updated measurements which tell us she appears to be growing even though she is still tiny...
We are putting together a care package to send her at the orphanage and in it we'll ask her nannies for an update and any information about potential surgery on her lip. 

Right now and until we go get her, it will be a waiting game.  And it will be the hardest part of the process, but we are up for the challenge!


Jill said...

oh my goodness! love these pictures!! once again tears in my eyes and can not wait to kiss that little bald baby head!

Christy said...

She is so beautiful! I saw a six month old baby at church today and thought that Kylie is about that age, too!