County Fair

Every year, we have an annual tradition with the Millsaps of going to the local county fair.  We always try to wait until the last weekend to go hoping the crowds will be gone and in the evening it would be cooler.  It usually works out really well and this year was no exception.
First, we usually let the kids ride some rides.

The adults normally don't ride the rides.  First, it's expensive to buy those tickets, but also because the rides aren't the reason why the adults go.  THIS is why the big people go...

But more specifically THIS is why I go.  You just can't beat fair food.  I look forward to this every year.

That sweet tea is delicious.  It's $3 for that huge cup and then just another $1 to fill it up.  I don't sleep for hours once I drink it.  I never eat corn dogs.  NEVER.  Except at the fair.  I tried those french fries...cheesy bacon ranch fries but they weren't all that great.  I think there was TOO much on there.  I'd liked them better without the ranch or the cheese, but not both.  And then there is the deep fried Twinkie.  There are many more yummy goodies that are deep fried.  Snickers, Oreos, Twinkies...oh yeah.  I only had the Twinkie this time.  Rachel and family took part in the Snickers and Oreos.

After a long time to sit, we convinced the girl to do a few slower rides so they didn't lose all their dinner.

After exploring the rest of the midway, we headed back up to use the rest of our tickets.  While the girls were riding, the fireworks started.  I've never been there when they did them and I'll have to say, they were very good.

The weather was perfect, the crowds were slight (that is until we tried to leave and then we found where they all were!) and the food was as yummy as ever!  It was another great year and I can't wait until next year when Rachel and I can take our newest additions with us!

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