7 months ago today...

7 months ago today a possibly young woman in Lianyungang City in Jiangsu, China gave birth to a precious baby girl.  I'd like to think that she wanted to keep her but due to her cleft lip and cleft palate couldn't afford the bills her medical care would require.

To ensure she was found quickly, this mom left her baby wrapped securely up in front of a local restaurant.  The very next day, this baby girl was found and taken to a warm orphanage nearby.  Fast forward 6 months and the baby is well enough for adoption.  Thousands of miles across the world on a Wednesday evening, I was just sitting down to check blogs (surprise!) when I noticed an email from my agency on my blackberry.  Little did I know God was about to orchestrate nothing short of a miracle by connecting this little girl to a forever family all the way in Tennessee!!

Today, my baby girl turned 7 months old.  I am praying I can have her in my arms before she turns a year!

Happy birthday sweet girl!

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Katelyn {on repeat} said...

love this post! isn't it crazy how life works out.