Last weekend, I finally got around to doing what I have been meaning to for a while. 
This is my scrapbooking area.  When I don't use it for a while, the stuff starts to pile up.  Jenna has a craft table next to mine and she's bad about not putting up stuff when she uses it.  So, I recruited her to help organize.  I went out and bought a label maker to label all the containers we have.  I was just tired of the mess.  After several hours, here's the "after" photo...

It looks way better.  I can actually walk through the bonus room now instead of climbing over stuff.  And I could totally get into the label making thing!  I had the urge to even label my chair and my desk etc!  But I refrained. 

You are welcome.

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Julie said...

I've been wanting a label maker, but I'm afraid everything in the house would be labeled!!! Light, Toilet, Sink, ha ha ha.
Your craft space looks great!