Job Update

So many of you have asked about Steve's job and how it's going.  We aren't really making public the company he's going to be working for yet.  For a while, he'll be on payroll at the placement agency and then hopefully he'll move over to the company payroll.  It's a large company and so we are hoping this will work out.

He was due to start Monday, the 15th, but the security clearance and drug test results weren't complete, not just on Steve but on all the other people starting at the same time.  Right now, the start date is Monday the 22nd.

For 2 weeks, he'll be in training, working 7-4 Monday through Friday.  But then, they'll put him on some random schedule and it could be nights or weekends or both.  We are both very nervous about this.  But we obviously aren't in a position to turn the job down or cause any ripples with the new company by being irritable about his schedule.  We know God brought us to this point and He will work this out.  Maybe not the way we think is best, but the way He KNOWS is best.  We have already decided to trust Him in this and whatever happens we'll deal with.  But again, just something for you all to be praying with us on. 

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