Kylie's Care Package

I mentioned a few days ago that we were able to send a care package to Kylie at her orphanage in China.  I finally got a couple photos.

One of the things we purchased was a disposable camera.  Ideally, the nannies at her orphanage will use it to take photos of her, her surrondings and maybe even her friends.  We should receive the camera when we go pick her up and then we'll have to develop the photos here.  The lady who works on these care packages in China (Ann) labels  the camera in Chinese and English so they are sure it will be used for the right child.

Another item we purchased was a photo album.  You can see it above.  It's Hello Kitty and soft.  A picture of the baby goes on the front again, so it's easy for the nannies to know to whom it belongs.  The other pictures we labeled and Ann translated them for us.  Again, ideally, the nannies will show Kylie our pictures so she will be used to us before we get there.

This is a pic of the entire package.  There's a lovey we hope she'll have when we get there and the candies for the nannies.  We wrote a letter and sweet Ann translated it for us.  Some of it contained questions for the nannies about Kylie (which you saw answered a few posts ago) and the rest just basically introduced ourselves and our family and told when we hoped to travel.  The care package should be at the orphanage now.  If we aren't there by her birthday in January, we'll likely send another one.

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brook said...

awww....we sent a similar package to olivia with that same book. we didn't get it back and i was sad about that, but tonight i got the pictures developed and one of them has her looking at it. :) that made my day! :)