More Pictures and Info

We received a few more pictures of our girl with her referral along with some information that I'll share, but I didn't add them yesterday because what about that beautiful announcement??? 

That sweet thing was created in less than 24 hours by Anna & Co.  Anna is a personal friend of mine and you will NOT meet a more Godly wife and mother than Anna.  Anna and I have worked together for a while now and I've started following her blog.

This girl has got it GOING ON with the creativity.  She made our announcement in literally hours and I've already hired her to do our announcements once Kylie is home.  She also does some photography on the side.  I could tell you all day what she does, but why don't you just look for yourself?  All you APs out there (adoptive parents), wouldn't you like to introduce your miracle for the first time with something like this...

Yeah me too!  But maybe you aren't yet ready for Baby Announcements.  Maybe you are just getting married.  She's got a little something for that too...

Or maybe you are past weddings and raising children.  Well, guess what...

And yes, she can do an electronic announcement for your blog if you want her to.  Anna is multi-talented.  So, do me a favor, and click on over, follow her blog and give her a little business.  You'll be glad you did.

Now, for those of you who read through that, the reward awaits...more pictures of our sweet Kylie.

Kylie was (at 4 months old):  22 inches long and weighed 12 lbs.  She is small for her age, but that is expected with her being in an orphanage and given her cleft.  She has a "regular" life...up at 6am, naps from 11:30-2:00pm with bedtime being at 8pm.  She eats once at midnight and then not again until 4am.  Of  course, that will hopefully have changed by the time we travel to get her.  This is what her sweet caretakers say of her:

"Lian Yingbei is beautiful and smart, concentrated in attention when exchanging with other people.  She likes toys with bright colors.  She likes to listen to music.  She gets along well with other children.  She will stop crying when teased or cuddled."

The paperwork describes her as "quiet", "fond of playing with toys" and "having a ready smile".

Be still my heart.


Jennifer said...

Our latest update on Myah says she takes a bottle at 4 AM too! I hope that have stopped that by the time we go get her too!

Anonymous said...

Sandra, thank you for your kind words. I'm glad I could be a very small part of this journey in your life. Blessings, Anna