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Sunday, my friend Jamie stopped me in the hallway at church.  She had brought a bag full of clothes in sizes 18-24 months and was looking for someone who needed them.  She actually stopped me to chat about something different and realized those would be PERFECT for Kylie!

I did something today I never do.  I took a nap when I got home from church.  Jenna and Steve napped with me.  Jenna has a TV-free today and she woke up before me.  Instead of sneaking downstairs and watching TV, she got up and organized the clothes.
I took these with my iPhone, so the quality is lacking, but look at this cute thing! It's SO SMALL!  I was looking at the outfit when I realized I'm gonna have a BABY!  A little baby!  She won't be much bigger (if any) than the sweet babies I keep every week in the nursery at church.  Jenna and I have stopped at the local consignment shop periodically to pick up an outfit here and there, but they are always 2T and 3T.  I always thought we'd get an older child.  I gotta get busy with the clothing!  But just look at some of these cute outfits!

Thanks Jamie!  BTW-Jamie is the AP of a beautiful Nepalese daughter!  She probably doesn't know it, but watching her and her husband walk the road of adoption is what started Steve's mind thinking about our own journey.

Moving on...a few weeks ago (before we knew who Kylie was), I went to a very large local consignment sale and picked up a few things.  Check out this spectacular bow holder...
I can't wait to fill it up with bows and barrettes!  We just arranged for a care package to be sent to Kylie and in it, we asked her caregivers to please allow her hair to grow until we can come pick her up.  There will definitely be a future post on the care package, but you'll have to wait for that!  :)  Hopefully though they will oblige us and let her beautiful black hair grow.
In case you can't see it, this says "Little Sister".  The one Jenna got says "Big Sister".  It will be a while before Kylie can wear hers, but it'll be ready and waiting for her when she's ready.

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