My Other New Love: IKEA

I've been waiting to post for a couple reasons...first of all, after the whirlwind week we had last week, there's really not much to say.  I was hoping to be able to announce we got Pre-Approval (PA) and show you all my sweet baby girl's face.  I realize I've only known her a week but I am already falling in love with her.  The other day, her picture popped up on my screensaver at work and the unexpectedness of it stopped me in my tracks.  Anyway, hopefully it will be here soon and I can share her sweet face!

In the meantime, I thought I'd show you what we bought at IKEA because I love them so much...remember these???

Oh yes we did.  We bought these lovelies.

The set at IKEA in the first picture was 5 units.  We only bought 4.  The first picture shows 3 of them on the far bonus room wall.  At first I didn't think we'd have enough books to fill them, but boy did we!  The 4th one holds ALL of my scrapbooks!  I'd show you my scrapbook desk but right now it is a HUGE mess.  I have always wanted shelves like these, but thought I'd have to have them custom made.  I love these.  LOVE them.  LOVE.  And now that I have a real place to put my scrapbooks with some room to grow.  Jenna has a craft table and I have my scrapbook area and we are trying to figure out how to rearrange to give us more room.  Jenna and I are almost never up there together...heck, I rarely scrapbook at home anymore...so maybe we can get rid of her desk.  We have a desk with the desktop on it and a printer, my scrapbook desk with a scanner and printer and then Jenna's desk with a printer.  We have contemplated getting rid of the desktop and desk because we always used our laptops.  But it is still chugging along, so not sure we are ready to say goodbye yet.  At any rate, the bonus room and Kylie's room is a mess right now because that is how it goes when you are trying to organize.

So that's about all I have to say.  We registered Jenna yesterday for 4th grade.  She has her first 1/2 day today, so later we'll have some pics to share of that.  And we have some fun plans for the weekend so maybe between those things, I'll have a few more posts next week!


Jennifer said...

They look great!

Cheryl said...

You're making me want to scrapbook again!