They say it comes in threes...

They say things happen in threes. And I hope that we've just experienced our third 'whatever'...First we have the 4 kidney stone surgies (we'll count that as one) and then we had the whole hip replacement thing.

Then, last Tuesday, we get home, go to the mailbox and rip open an official looking letter from the Franklin Municipal Court. Much to our surprise, the letter indicates that we have 'failed to appear' for a court date on June 3 for a parking citation. We can either come to our rescheduled court date or pay the ticket fee, FTA fee and court fees for a grand total of $278. We had no idea when either of us would have gotten a parking ticket. We don't even go anywhere that would have a illegal parking area and being the daughter of a cop, I don't park illegally!

Anyway, after several phone calls, a trip to the Franklin records department, a copy of the ticket and a trip to the Franklin Police department, we found out that the tags on Steve's truck did not match the tag number on is registration. Apparently someone had stolen our tags and replaced them with a tag that did not belong to us. So, Friday, we had to come home, call the local police, have them come out and file a report. The cop was nice. Ran the tag that was actually ON our vehicle and low and behold, it came out on the stolen tags report AND belonging to our neighbors! Now, don't misunderstand me...our neighbors did not take our tags. Apparently, someone went to their car first, took off their tags, then took ours, replaced them with our neighbors and then apparently, put our tags on their white Chevy trailblazer. The cop said the people who do this swap up plates they figure in order to throw off the cops, but it obviously doesn't work.

But of course, the officer removed 'our' tag and returned it (not sure why) to our neighbor and told us not to drive the truck until we go this all 'resolved'. Today, we went to the PD to get a copy of the police report (to the tune of $10 for 3 pages) and tomorrow I'll have to call the registration department to see how to get a temporary or replacement tag. Then we'll have to figure out a way to get there and get it. And THEN, we have to call the court and request a court date (sooner than our rescheduled one), present all this to the judge to have our record cleared.

How's THAT for a story?!

As for my birthday, it was rather uneventful, but that isn't a bad thing. I had dinner with my family and then this past weekend, I went shopping with the money I got from my brother and Steve (since he couldn't shop). I got a couple of books, Walking with God and Praying God's Word (thanks for the recommendations Leigh Ann!). Anyway, all in all, it was a good day and being 34 feels no different from being 33.

I guess that's about it. Our days are filled from daylight until dark. Steve's still unable to drive, so for the most part, we are commuting to work together every day. Several days a week, he has some type of doctor's appointment or physical therapy so we are late getting home. By the time we get baths/showers and dinner (even if I don't have to cook), it's time for bed. I'm just exhausted alot, but that's par for the course and eventually it will get better (I think!).

We are looking forward to the cruise. And I'm going to see my girlfriend, Carrie, in a couple weeks and we are staying at the beach for 3 days with our girls. I cannot wait to just sit and not worry/think about anything. You have no idea how much I need this.

That's about it for now. I might actually get in bed before 11pm!


leigh ann said...

That is just nuts! Seriously, let's pray for a less eventful 2nd half of 2008. You guys have definitely hit quota for craziness.

Anonymous said...

What a story...it was just on the news that Nashvegas has a big problem with just the stickers being taken off the plates...The boro had a lot if the wheel tax stickers being stolen in the past year.

Where are you cruising? What ship? If you don't know I'm the queen of cruising! If you have any questions on what to do...and where your going.