Sunday Update

It's only 9am and there's not much to post today. JG went home with her Aunt DeeDee last night to spend the night and I stayed at the hospital. I slept better being here with Steve and I wasn't about to go home to an empty house. He claimed he didn't sleep well because after 3 almost-solid days of laying in the bed, he just can't get comfortable anymore. Although, I heard him snoring away most of the night. They only came in at 2am (blood sugar check) and 4am for vitals. So, from 9:30 -2:00 we got pretty uninterrupted sleep. It's like having a new baby again!

PT hasn't been in today, but Steve got up and walked a lap on his own. He is trying to keep his pain in check, but not being able to move around is hard. We are hoping he can go home tomorrow. No doctor's have been in yet. The nurse from earlier said it was more likely to be driven with how his attending endocrinologist. Great. We aren't a huge fan of this guy either, but since his blood sugars have been really good, then maybe he'll let us go.

I guess that's about it for now. I was finally able to get caught up on my Bible reading this morning. I have so much to say about this experience from a spiritual perspective, but I feel now is not the time as God is still teaching me. That will come.

Just a quick note, my buddy, Rachel and her family are in the "Happiest Place on Earth" right now (obviously, not HERE!)...DISNEY! I know they are having just a magical time! I hope they have a blast!

Steve and I talked last night about whether we would continue on with our paid for cruise. For Steve, the time away from work will have to be taken without pay. But we could probably save just one weeks' worth of pay from our vacation money if needed. The problem is that his STD will only pay 60% while he's recovering, so that's 2-3 weeks, maybe more of short-pay and our bills haven't gone anywhere!! Pray for us on that. I know I'm not supposed to worry, but it is oh-so-hard. And pray for Steve's good spirits. He feels very old and 'defective'.

Love you all...


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