We're UP!!!


We had a good evening last night, that is, as good as can be had being in the hospital and woken up every 2-3 hours for vitals checks. Other than that, Steve did rest well and experienced no complications.

The new endocrinologist came in this morning and lucky for him, I left my boxing gloves at home last night! He was nice enough, but they are placing some restrictions on us regarding Steve's insulin pump. But as for now, that seems to be working OK, so I'm letting that go. His blood sugar is pretty well under control, so that's good!

The occupational therapist came in this morning and talked to us about what we would be doing when we got home. She got him up and on his walker and sitting in the recliner. Shortly after, the physical therapist came in and got him up and WALKING! He did one lap around the hall and did so well! This PT girl was also a juvenile diabetic for 25 years, so she understands totally what happened to cause this. I really liked her. She put him back in the recliner where he has to stay until lunch. He'll have lunch there, then they'll come back and make him walk again and then they will put him back in bed. His tubes (there are a variety) will most likely come out this afternoon before he goes back to the bed. That will be very good...easier to move around without all these drains and catheteres hanging on you.

We have experienced a literally outpouring of calls, emails, messages, offers to help etc. from friends and church family. I had been ruminating on how to adequating express our thanks to our neighbor who has single-handedly organized the fundraiser breakfast tomorrow. Now, I have expanded that to all those who have extended offers of help. If you've never experienced anything like this before, it's humbling. It's so hard to accept help. You just feel like you can do it all. And I probably could, but it's going to be much easier on me, Jenna and Steve if I just accept some of the help that's offered.

With that said, take heed to my warning...don't offer if you don't REALLY want to help! I might just be taking you up on that!!! :)

Well, I'll post more when I know more. My babygirl is on her way and I can't wait to see her. We still plan on being at the breakfast tomorrow, so see you all there!


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