"Another trip to the ER"..."I can't believe it's happened again"... "Urgent prayer request"...

How do you start a post like this? I'm not sure, so I'll just jump right in.

Tonight, while I was driving home from work (I was running about an hour behind due to working late), Steve called me. Apparently, one of those companies that sell meat had stopped by the house and was trying to get him to buy steaks. He kept asking me how far away from the house I was and I couldn't tell whether he wanted me to say we didn't want any (to be the bad guy) or if he just was making conversation.

I took the long way home to give time for the meat guy to leave the house. When I got near, I could see their van still there, so I was just going to drive by until they left. But then I saw several men carrying something that appeared to be heavy over to our swing. At first, I thought Steve had bought some freezer full of steaks, but that's when I realized the heavy thing they were carrying was STEVE!

I knew immediately what was going on. Steve had experienced a sudden drop in his blood sugar and had gone unconscious. I got in the driveway, got Jenna off the phone with 9-1-1 (yes, she called and like a big girl, told them all what was wrong. Once I got there, I canceled them as I could take care of the situation). Anyway, when Steve "went out", he collapsed in the street (i.e. on the concrete). Thank God our neighbors were outside. Tim is a physical therapist and twice (if not three times) Steve's size. Between him and the two meat guys, they got Steve to the swing where I brought him around with some Coke. Tim was telling me that he saw Steve fall and he'd hit pretty hard so that I needed to check his hips and elbows when he felt better just in case.

When Steve came to, we were going to go inside and check his appendages for damage. But when he got up and put weight on his right leg, he screamed out in pain and nearly collapsed. Tim and his wife, Aimee (she's the one organizing the fundraising breakfast this Saturday, God bless her) who is a nurse, came over and between the three of us managed to get Steve into the van. To say he was in excruciating pain would be an understatement. However, we made it to Centennial without incident.

They did an x-ray in the ER and we found that Steve has broken his right hip. (insert HUGE sigh here). They admitted him tonight and the on-call orthopedist will be in tomorrow morning to talk about surgery to insert a plate/pin to repair. There's no telling how long this will take to heal and he already exhausted his paid time off at work. So we are looking at a number of days/weeks/months? with him out of work and no pay. Not to mention the cost of the doctor bills on top of the 4 surgeries for kidney stones last month.

So, thus brings us to the "urgent prayer request" title. Pray for us. I'm going to be a single mother again for some time. And where our budget was already stretched tight, we are looking to be stretched even tighter with potentially no pay for however many weeks he has to be out. And sadly, his new company doesn't seem all that interested in their employee's personal lives, so little or no chance that he will get any help from them. I have worried since I knew we were headed to the hospital.

Just pray that God's peace will surround us both. I am just going to have to trust God to provide. It's just hard to do. Worry is what I do. And pray for Jenna. She's REALLY freaked out about this. Hearing Steve cry out in pain so much and then having to leave him at the hospital had her sobbing her eyes out most of the night. So just remember us.

OK, I have several emails to send out and need to get Jenna's stuff ready for camp tomorrow. I'll try to make it up with her in the AM to get to the hospital before the orthopedist comes in and give her a chance to see him before she heads off. It's swim day so that will take her mind off stuff. Ideally, they'll do surgery tomorrow and maybe we'll go home by Friday? I don't know right now, but I'll post as soon as I do.

I have to go now. The adrenaline I've been on for the past several hours is gone and it's all I can do to keep my eyes open.

Thanks for your prayers. I appreciate every one of you.


clg0513 said...

oh my goodness Sandra - my heart just lept out of my body - please let me know if there is anything I can do!!!! If you get this please call me at work and let me know how things are (work # is at the bottom of emails).

The Lamberts said...

Sandra, you guys are in our prayers. Please let us know what the surgery schedule is and when you expect to be home. If you need something while in hospital, let us know that, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, Sandra. You guys have been through so much lately. I know God will scoop you into His loving hands and hold you there while you have to mom, wife and nurse. Take care of yourself and please know we are praying. Let us know if you need anything as well.

Christy said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe that all this is happening to you! Praying that God surrounds all of you with peace and that you stay healthy as you will (I'm sure) stretch yourself too thin while having to take care of everything. Wish there was more I could do from Arizona, but we are definately praying!