Just wanted to quickly let everyone know how things are going in the Taylor household lately.

Steve continues to recover as expected. The lab folks came today and all his vitals continue to be normal. The physical therapist came by today and taught him several new exercises to do here at home. Next Tuesday is our follow up with the orthopedic surgeon. At that point, they are expecting Steve to be graduated from a walker to a cane. We are getting a little differing opinion on when he could expect to a) go back to work, b) graduate from a cane to two legs, c) drive and d) get back to normal pre-op life. What we've discovered through all this is that this is a day-by-day process. There is no 'pat' answer. It might be 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 6 months before things go back to normal.

Of course, that is in and of itself terribly frustrating for all of us. I have realized that I am very much a control freak. I like to plan and organize and know what is going to happen in the next hour, day, week, month. And this has been a learning experience for me.

The days are long for everyone. Steve can't do much more than walk the halls with his walker. I spend most all day running up and down the stairs to fetch whatever is needed for Steve and Jenna if she is home. My only respite is the few hours a day I can get out to take her to camp (she's gone two days this week) or to the grocery store for a moment. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind caring for Steve. I love him and want to take care of him, but it's hard on a person. I do at least 50-60 trips up and down the stairs. I know it makes him feel bad to see me working so hard for him and Jenna, but it's just the way it is. I generally get up with Jenna (7:30ish) and then am usually up until 10:30 when I finally collapse into bed.

Today was a fairly good day. Steve was really wanting to get out of the house, so while Jenna was at camp, we went to Target to do her birthday shopping (which reminds me, I have to find some time to wrap her gifts...ran out of time today!). Steve rode the little electric wheelchair thingy which I think he enjoyed. He was smiling some and that is a nice change. You don't realize how much you miss someone's smile until you don't see it for a while. Of course, we were out a couple hours and he paid for it tonight. He's trying not to take pain meds every 3-4 hours, and he is frustrated when he has to. But night time seems to be the worst for pain. He sleeps fairly well after 2 pain pills before bed and usually he's good up until lunch without medication. So, really, he's doing well. He just wants to do better than 'well' and I understand that.

So that's the story with us. On another note, I was able to talk with Rachel tonight. Remember, they are in the world of magic, Disney, and tomorrow is their last day. I can't believe the week has gone by so quickly! They are having one heck of a time and I even was able to look at her pictures online. Oh, they brought back memories of our Disney trip 2 years ago! While I know they are having the best time, I cannot wait for them to come back. I have missed her so much. Of course, bless her, she picked the right week to go. Had she been here, she would have been my shoulder to cry on all week long and those are big shoes to fill! When she gets back on Saturday, I will hopefully be in a better frame of mind.

I will say that as awful as this sounds, my day was less stressful today with Jenna at camp. I guess it's only that way because I cut my duties in 1/2 when I just have to care for Steve. Tomorrow I'm taking her to camp early, then hopefully can sneak into work and do a couple things that HAVE to be done. And because I'm out on FMLA, I'm claiming that I'm doing personal stuff. :) Plus, I have to drop off Steve's FMLA/STD paperwork and some card at his work. I have to pick up the temporary handicap tag from the doctor and if I'm really good get it by the driving place and then maybe find a cane for Steve. I have to do all this and try to get back before the physical therapist comes at 2pm.

Monday, I'll try to do a 9-3 workday. Tuesday is his appointment, so I'm off. I'll work 9-3 Wednesday-Thursday (if all goes well Monday) and then off Friday. Then hopefully the week after, I'll do either 9-3 or go back to regular hours all together. There again...it's a day-by-day thing. :)

OK, I realize I'm rambling because I'm about to fall out. I'm headed to bed now. A whole 30 minutes early! YAY!

Thanks to all of you for offers of food and help! I have to give a shout out to my friend Kim up in the NJ/NY area. She's a "mama" I met online and we've been friend for about 2 years (has it been that long?!) She's sending dinner next week! From hundreds of miles away! I think that's the coolest thing! Plus, my sweet Bible study ladies and my SS class are trying to fill in next week some as well. I can't tell you what a load this takes off me not having to worry about cooking dinner.

OK, that's really it. More later when I'm coherent!


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Christy said...

Think positively--all those trips up and down the stairs are just like time on the stairmaster! Glad things are going pretty well. You are doing a great job taking care of everyone! What a blessing you are to your family!