Still waiting...

We are still here. My philosophy about the doctor coming in before office hours turned out to be erroneous. We haven't seen anyone but our nurse and the dietary people today. Not even the physical therapist. I think this is where God is trying to teach me patience and "letting go". Ouch...it's rather painful!

Steve had a really good night last night. He slept probably 13 hours with just 2 interruptions from the nurses. Jenna and I stayed up here and it didn't turn out to be as disastrous as it could have. I decided not to take her to camp today because it would be a lot of driving to drop her off, come back here, take Steve home and then have to leave him alone to come back and get her. Of course, none of that transpired, so it didn't matter anyway.

I've had several offers of help for dinners and I am thrilled. The thought of having to cook is almost overwhelming right now. I will let everyone know when we are ready to accept those. I will somehow have to coordinate because there is a variety of groups wanting to help right now. Just remember, even though Steve is diabetic, he eats REGULAR food. Please don't bring us sugar free or special recipes...it's alot of trouble to do that and Steve can eat what we all do. Just trust me on this. :)

My Sunday School class asked me what they can do to help us right now. The immediate answer from Steve was "pay our bills"! But in seriousness, what he meant was to pray for both of our peace of mind but especially his. He's feeling helpless and guilty that he's added stress (physical, financial etc.) to us. He's worried that he's going to lose his job with this happening right on the tail of the kidney stone issue. He's worried that we won't be able to go on our cruise and that Jenna won't understand. Jenna's birthday is Sunday and he's afraid she will be upset that there won't be a party. When you sit in the hospital for days at a time, there's nothing to do but sit and think about the future. We talked yesterday before JG got here and I think that helped ease some of his worry that I wasn't worried, but it's hard not to. So, please just pray for our peace of mind and wisdom in the coming months in dealing with bills and payments that we'll have to make.

Will post more when we know more. I hope this will be soon.


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