Hey all...

Now that I have a few minutes alone, I wanted to thank you all for your thoughts, concerns, visits, calls, voice mails, emails etc. I cannot believe the outpouring of concern. It's more humbling than I can explain. Those of you who have experienced something of this nature understand.

Right now, things are going well. The orthopedic surgeon came by a few minutes ago and said how well everything went. He confirmed that tomorrow, they would have Steve start with PT. He'll be back around to evaluate him tomorrow and probably tell us when to expect to go home. We are looking at Sunday or Monday.

I will tell you that my work has been fabulous in understanding and putting my mind at ease in missing work. I mean, I don't deserve how good they've been to me.

We had a little "altercation" earlier with the internist on staff here. He came in and really started grilling us on why Steve's blood sugar had dropped so low and asked me why I didn't check the level when I saw he was sick. Well...duh...I was more worried about getting his blood sugar back up! And then he asked me how I knew what was happening was from low blood sugar. Double DUH! Because Steve's been diabetic for 40 years, we've been married twelve and in those years, I've dealt with low blood sugar seizures hundreds of times. Our endocrinologist is fully aware and he sees her every other month or so. He left to call our regular doctor who does not admit to Centennial and when he did, I called Steve's endrocrinologist's nurse practitioner who mostly deals with Steve. I actually had her on the phone when he came back in. I immediately told him that I had her on the phone and he wanted to talk with her. He asked me who it was and I said the nurse practioner and he refused to speak with her. He said he would not speak with anyone but the doctor. So, we are standing here, in front of my dear SIL, with the nurse practioner on the phone, Steve in all his pain medicated state pretty much shouting at each other. I don't think I said anything ugly, I kept telling him to talk to the nurse, talk to her and he flat out refused. Then, I simply asked her to hold the line and ask him to leave. He said that I had disrespected him, but he was just flat out rude to me. I probably said, "I need you to leave" about 12 times! Finally he left and on his way out, I told him he should not come back. Steve's blood pressure cuff was going nuts, he was yelling and I was shaking I was so angry.

Anyway, we calmed down and told Mia, our fabulous, wonderful nurse about it and she was just appalled. I got my friends at HCA physician services on the line to find out how to run this up the chain to complain (thanks Lu and VMB...love you girls!) and before I even go the words out, I had the chief medical officer, nurse manager and associate CNO (whose name I actually recognized) in here asking me what went on. Even the surgeon asked me what happened. So, I'm sure we have a HUGE black mark on our file now. But I'm sorry...I think I know how to take care of my husband.

Anyway, I am home now to take a shower and gather clothes. JG is going to spend the night with my SIL and then camp tomorrow. I'll stay at the hospital tonight and maybe work a little tomorrow while Steve is in PT.

I'll keep you updated!



Christy said...

Praying for you guys! So glad that the surgery went well! Just remember, you are the best advocate for your family--keep plodding along until you get what you need!

Pam said...

Hi Sandy - I just read about this on the boards. I am so, so sorry to hear about this. I am glad the surgery went ok. Best wishes to DH for a speedy recovery! Wishing you strength to get through this tough time as well. Hugs!