Happy 7th Birthday and Father's Day!

Today was a very special day!

First of all, it was Father's Day and Steve felt well enough to go visit both my dad and his dad. Micah and Gage came to Jenna's birthday lunch/dinner yesterday (more on that below) and then spent the night with us, so that was nice. Chase came to Steve's parent's house today, so he got to see him. It was a good day and I know Steve was glad that he got to see both our dads and knowing what Steve's been through, they were glad to see him.

So, Friday night Jenna was supposed to have a sleepover with her girl friends for her birthday. However, with everything that's gone on, we had to defer it until later. We did go ahead with our family birthday lunch/dinner at Pie In the Sky Pizza on Saturday afternoon. We had a good turnout and Jenna got quite a few cute things. I have pictures, but they aren't going to get uploaded tonight.

Another exciting event is that Rachel and her family are home from Disney! I am so excited! They came by tonight to give Jenna her birthday present and brought us dinner. It was so nice to have dinner provided and to have some time to just relax. David sat upstairs with Steve and talked and Rachel and I sat outside on the swing and watched the girls swim and play. It was just a wonderful relaxing evening.

Tomorrow, I will go to work from 9-3. We'll try this shortened work day schedule this week and hopefully next week I'll be back full time. Tuesday is our visit with the surgeon and while I'm excited to hear him say how Steve's doing, I'm nervous too...

I'm running out of time tonight, but I'll post some pics soon.

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The Millsaps said...

It was so good to see you and Steve and to be able to visit with you tonight. I have missed you and am sorry I was gone last week with all you were going through - but I am back and ready to do whatever needs to be done. You are a trooper and only good things are ahead. I am claiming that for you!