12 Years Ago...

12 years ago today, I stood in front of God and a number of friends and family and committed my life to Steve Taylor. And it was the best thing I've ever done.

So, since 12 years isn't a really "big" year to celebrate, below are pictures of what we got one another for our anniversary.

Yes, that is a water cooler and landscape stones. Instead of buying each other something, we bought two things together for the house. We already had a water cooler, but we've been renting it from Crystal Springs for years. I mean like 6 years. I figured it wouldn't take us long to make it worth just buying our own. We found the exact one above at Target on clearance. It was $60. Can't beat that.

The landscaping stones were something Steve really wanted to do this year and we got them at Home Depot on sale for $.99. I can't believe how much better the front of the house looks with them there. So, all in all, we had a good day.

I think I haven't posted about my weight loss in a while. I lost 1.2 lbs last week during weigh in, so I'm now back to 17.6lbs total. I'm definitely slowing down. I went shopping today and tried on some skirts. Let's just say if there was a thought in my head that I look just fine the way I am now, then those thoughts are long gone. I tried on a few skirts and was so frustrated and ticked off by the time I was done, I knew I wanted to lose more weight. UGH!

Jenna news...her bottom tooth is coming in, but if you've been following the blog closely, you'll realize I haven't posted about her losing her first tooth because she hasn't! The permanent tooth is coming in behind the baby tooth. I almost freaked out, but called the dentist and she said it's perfectly normal. And more may happen this way. That's been a couple weeks ago and the baby tooth isn't very loose at all. I'm going to wait until the permanent tooth comes in a little more and then take her in for a visit.

So, I finally found something to do with that Delta voucher I was trying to get rid of. I am taking Jenna and flying to Richmond in July for a long weekend. My best friend from 6th grade, Carrie, lives in Richmond. She is bringing her daughter and picking us up and we're driving to Virginia Beach for a long weekend. I don't think I've seen Carrie in nearly 20 years, so we are pretty excited.

Oh and for you Spring Hill-ians, don't forget next Saturday is the fundraising breakfast for HSP. If you have a chance, stop by for some pancakes and sausage between 7-9am. And if you are really inclined, take a drive by and check out the HUGE sign in front of Applebees! COOL!

Last thing and then I'm off to bed. Remember my niece Alex. She just completed her junior year in high school and has already enlisted in the US Marine Corp. She was sworn in this afternoon and will leave for Germany on Tuesday for 3 weeks. The Germany trip is unrelated to the USMC, it's for a Foreign Exchange Program...she'll go back to school in the fall, complete her senior year and then head off to boot camp as soon as graduation is over. For a young woman, she is very sure of what she wants to do with her future. I'm very proud of her and amazed at her certainty. Just pray for her as she begins this new journey.

OK, it's been a long weekend and Jenna was up early both days, so I'm ready to hit the sack.

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