Fundraiser breakfast today...

The post below was just posted, but it was written yesterday and last night.

Jenna and I are up after nearly 8 hours of sleep!!! I still feel sluggish, but I'm going to get a Diet Coke and some sugar and think I'll be fine.

We are ready (I think) thanks to my neighbors Aimee and Tim.

I'm hoping to return to the hospital after breakfast to stay with Steve and find him in a lot better condition.

I'll post when I know more. Thanks to all of you in advance for coming and helping with the breakfast!



Kim N. said...

Sandra, I am thinking of you so much. Remember that Steve only yelled b/c he is frustrated and not himself. He wants to be taking care of YOU and probably hates that it is the other way around. Hang in there hon and raise LOTS of money! Let me know how you do - Jim and I will be donating more in the next month or so. Hugs and love, Kim

clg0513 said...

thinking of you all this morning and hope that you raise a lot of money.