Doctor Appointment

I have had several inquiries today about Steve's doctor's appointment. It wasn't until 1:15, so I'm just now getting around to updating everyone.

In a nutshell, Steve's doing well. Better than expected really. They were surprised he was on a cane already.

A couple things we covered with the doctor...
  • Steve's experienced some numbness and tingling in his toes on his right foot. It is getting better day by day. Is this normal and if so, when will this go away? This could be a result of his blood sugar running so high. As his pain decreases, his blood sugar comes back into line, we should see this improve and go away completely.
  • How much longer does Steve have to wear his TEDs? (these are tight stocking like hose that help circulation and prevent blood clots in the legs.) He can stop wearing these now. He's up and around enough that they are no longer necessary.
  • When can Steve start driving? As soon as he's off the pain medication.
  • Speaking of pain medicine...we are almost out of what we have...now what? Because he isn't taking as many of the current pain meds as he is allowed, he can graduate to a lower dose medication. This should still take care of the pain but without the drowsiness.
  • Will he be able to go back to the bowling league in the fall? Maybe...we'll see when the time comes.
  • Having more pain in the inner groin/thigh area than the hip. Is this normal and when should subside? This is normal...should improve with time.
  • When can Steve go back to work? Whenever he feels he can tolerate working. This one is a biggie because of the financial burden his not working is causing. He's going crazy sitting at home too. So, the doctor wrote him a back-to-work note for Monday, June 23 as tolerated. This is good news and Steve is pretty excited. Funny how you so often dread going to work each day until you can't go and then you really miss it!

All in all, the visit was a good one. We go back in 1 month for another check. He'll need to stay on his cane and pain meds as long as he feels he needs them. We stopped by his work today and everyone just went on and on about how they can't believe how well he's doing. He will have been off 2 weeks and 1 day since his surgery when he returns to work. Of course, we aren't sure whether he can do a whole day yet. He might find that he's nowhere near ready. Just pray that he is. Poor guy is getting depressed just sitting at home all day, especially when I'm back to work.

OK, that's it for now. I have another post coming soon...about the things I've learned through this process.


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