We're cruising!!! (I think!)

Many of you know that we have been worried about whether or not we would be able to go on our cruise due to Steve not being allowed to take the time off without pay. His doctor gave us the green light early on (before we were even discharged from the hospital) physically speaking.

Today, we got a call that Steve's manager and HR contact stated they were both fine with us continuing on with the cruise. Before getting a final FINAL answer, they want to wait for one of the company's owners to come back and give his blessing. No one anticipates any issues, but you know we won't breath easier until we get the final go ahead.

Steve did well today. I think the better he feels, the longer the days seem when I go to work. I'll work tomorrow from 9-3 and then I'm off on Friday for Jenna's annual physical and some other appts. for Steve. :) Jenna is having a friend (Gracie) come spend the night Friday night so she'll have something to do this weekend. Other than that and straightening up this messy house, we hope to enjoy the weekend.

I'll definitely update you after our appointments on Friday.


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