Not today...


We aren't going home today. The 'on call' orthopedist came in and in all of 2 minutes, blew our hopes of a trip home today out of the water. Apparently, the surgeon gave orders for Steve to remain here through the weekend. We'd had hopes since we was doing so well that we could go home today.

Needless to say, we are a little disappointed. We are encouraged though because unless something bad happens (God forbid) tomorrow is the day! Now I have to decide whether to sleep here tonight or go home and what to do with Jenna etc. I'd like to stay here tonight so I can be here in the morning when the surgeon comes in. But then I have to figure out again what to do with Jenna. I have many options on that front because we have had a ton of offers, but I want to be sensitive to her and that she's been away from us alot in the past few days.

I realized yesterday that her birthday is a week from today and we had plans for a slumber party this Friday. Unfortunately, I think we are going to have to forego the slumber party and try for that a different weekend. Either that or have one friend over instead of 3! I am going to be doing nurse and mom duty and adding 3 extra kids is going to be too much. I think she'll understand. I have to find time at some point to go birthday shopping.

OK, I'm rambling. I just wanted to let you all know we are headed home...just not today. :)


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