A better day...

Today was a better day. In fact, today was probably the best day so far. I went out for a little while to do my errands and left Steve here all by himself. Now, he wasn't able to shower, but he got around pretty good. The physical therapist came by and basically told me to quit being so skittish about Steve doing the stairs.

While I was out, I picked up a pretty nifty cane. Steve liked it and found using is was way easier than the walker. He's been up and down the stairs a couple times with it, even ate lunch downstairs! That was pretty cool. He did not get out at all today, but I did a bunch of stuff. Even got a temporary handicap tag for the car. That will be helpful for a while if I can remember to park in the handicap spaces. And just for clarification, I don't park there if I'm alone. I just don't feel right about it.

Anyway, seems like I got most of my stuff done and I think Steve was pleased that he survived a couple hours alone. Plus, with the cane, he feels like he has more freedom. He had a really bad night for pain, but it's because he's waiting to take his pills when he's REALLY hurting. Today, he's taken one about every 6 hours and that seems to work fine.

I guess that's about it. Tomorrow we are doing Jenna's birthday lunch at 2pm at Pie in the Sky. We had to cancel her sleepover tonight, but we'll do it another time. She's cool. I still have to wrap her gifts for Sunday (which is her real birthday).

I'm going to relax now. That is, if I can remember how. :)

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When I had my spinal fusion done 9 years ago we had a water bed and it was almost impossible for me to get out once I got in...anyway my point is with the stairs and leaving Steve while your at work....Randy fixed me a cooler with drinks, a basket with snacks everyday. That way I didn't have to do much to my needs. So maybe set Steve up with a cooler and basket of diabetic approved goodies and that should keep him in one place so that your not worried about the stirs.
I know how hard bone and join surgery is and then the recovery is another thing. With my back they went in from the belly to work on the spine! So I had a double whammy on recovery...then the nerve pain...then 6 weeks later kidney surgery! So there is a light at the end of the tunnel...it may look week and dim right now but it will get brighter and stronger in the weeks to come.