Today has been one busy day. I have worked nonstop unpacking our things, putting in laundry, filling out FMLA paperwork in between ensuring Steve has everything he needed and was comfortable etc.

He wanted me to go to drop Jenna off at camp, so I did that, ran by work to pick up my bills so I could pay them (begin STRESS!) and then drop our FMLA paperwork off at the doctor's office. I did it all in record time. Steve wanted some sweet tea, so I stopped by Publix go that and then ordered Jenna's birthday cake at the same time. Got home, fixed us lunch and helped Steve get in the shower. He then felt well enough to ride with me to pick Jenna up from camp.

But of course, he paid for it dearly when we got home. He's in bed resting and I'm straightening up the house and finishing the laundry. Jenna's starving so I'm about to head downstairs to see what is in the pantry/freezer to fix that doesn't take forever. I tried to do frozen pizza, but Jenna and I had that for lunch yesterday.

By the way, I happened to be at work during WW, so I went over and weighed in. I lost 4.6 pounds! And I think it all has to do with Subway! Centennial has a Subway (and DQ) in their cafeteria and I ate that just about every meal. Jared is seriously on to something!

OK, Jenna's starving and the laundry is stopping, so I have to put another load in and get busy. Keep those prayers coming.


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