Pictures! Orphan Sunday! Update!

I am THRILLED to report, we received 2 updated pictures of Kylie.  But first, I have some stuff I was to say...

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Today represents day 90 of the wait for LOA.  When our wait for LOA first started, we were told the average was 70-90 days. 


Here we are.

And it's no fun.  It's hard.  But I'm on a FB page for families with children in the same orphanage as Kylie.  One of these families is now in China picking up their daughter and offered to take pictures of her when they toured the orphanage.  I didn't think we'd be able to get the pics until after they returned home, but the older daughter contacted me on FB today and was able to forward these pictures!

God bless her....she looks like she's burning up.  But they really like to keep the kids bundled up well.  Obviously, we confirmed her lip surgery hasn't taken place.  But I really think she looks happy in this picture.  Don't you?  And wow, she sure does look CHUBS.  But again...the clothing is layered and thick...so you never can tell.
I think here she looks so little.  Sometimes when I think of her, I think of her as a 2 year old.  I keep babies in the nursery and many of them are about Kylie's age now.  They are still LITTLE.  These pics make my heart ache to get my arms around her.  And what about that HAIR!  Oh my WORD!  It made me laugh out loud when I saw it.  Sticking STRAIGHT UP.  But what that tells me is that they are letting her hair grow just like we asked them too.  I'm now stocking up on bows and hair barretts for her hair.  It appears that will be the only way to tell she's a girl.  :)  Well, that and the cute pink clothes I'm going to dress her in!
This is the room she's in.  The lady on the left in the white/light blue helped get her out of the crib and is in the picture above (I think).  They got pictures of a little boy about the same age for a friend of mine (yes, we met online too) whose son is in the same orphanage.  Apparently, they sleep next to each other.  Look at all those beds.  Each of those beds represent a baby boy or girl without a family.  Could one of those children be YOURS???
And this is the playroom in the orphanage.  This is most likely where Kylie spends a good portion of her day.

And that's it.  I wish there were more, but we are thrilled to bits to get these, even the ones of her rooms. This is where she's spent her ENTIRE life.  So it's important to us and will be for her as well when she's old enough to learn her story.

Happy Orphan Sunday.  Enter to win an iPad.  Email me to by a t-shirt.  And then pray for our baby girl who is on the other side of the world waiting for us to come get her.


Kate said...


Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on our blog. Your little sweetie is darling!!! It IS hard to gauge their size under all those clothes...but she looks like the picture of health...and that playroom...it looks so nice!

Best wishes as you count down these last few months!!!


Lillie Family said...

She looks so healthy! Obviously she is being well fed!! :-) Love the playroom too!