I know it's overdue, but just had time to post some pics of our Halloween festivities.

The Sunday before Halloween, we had a church LifeGroup party.  There were tons of people there.  This is the coolest family ever!  And we have grown to love them like our own. 
Is that not the best Mad Hatter costume you've ever seen?!  The only thing original was the hat.  The rest of the costume (and the makeup) were bought consignment or put together from home.  Wow.

I unfortunately didn't get a picture of the other adults in their costume but I hijacked this one off my friend Leigh Ann's Facebook

That's just a piece of our group, but  just look at this group of kids.
It was a great time.  You just can't beat hanging out with 30-40 good peeps and all their kids (including ours) running crazy.  Love them.

Monday Jenna came home from her school Harvest party with this loot...
And here's our bowl of candy to give out...BEFORE the trick or treating started..
Yes, we have the GOOD candy.  :)  And what you've all been waiting for...well, OK probably not, but this is what this whole post is about...my Jenna.  I think her costume is quite fitting for what our family is going through right now...

Oh, she's so pretty!  You can't see it in these pictures, but she has fake eyelashes with silver glitter.  She looked like such the little beauty.

And everyone else must have thought so too because check out the loot she brought home...

Has anyone else noticed how preoccupied with candy I am in this post.  OK, yeah, me neither.

And the last thing is our new pumpkin.  We carved the original two a week before Halloween and they had nearly rotted by Halloween.  So we bought another and Steve carved it.
Can you tell what it is?  Oh, and see the mini pumpkin next to it?  Take a closer look...

That is a little mini pumpkin Jenna got from church and today while I was busy, she actually carved the dang thing herself.  Not only that, but when she realized she couldn't put a candle in it, she rigged up a mini keychain flashlight in the back.  I'm telling you, she's nothing if not creative.

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween as much as we did!

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